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Definition & Synonyms

• Objective

  1. (a.) Of or pertaining to an object.
  2. (n.) An object glass. See under Object, n.
  3. (a.) Of or pertaining to an object; contained in, or having the nature or position of, an object; outward; external; extrinsic; -- an epithet applied to whatever ir exterior to the mind, or which is simply an object of thought or feeling, and opposed to subjective.
  4. (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, the case which follows a transitive verb or a preposition, being that case in which the direct object of the verb is placed. See Accusative, n.
  5. (n.) The objective case.
  6. (n.) Same as Objective point, under Objective, a.

Accusative, Aim, Object, Target,