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Outer exterior
Definition & Synonyms
• Outer Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) The part of a target which is beyond the circles surrounding the bulls-eye.
  2. (n.) A shot which strikes the outer of a target.
  3. (a.) Being on the outside; external; farthest or farther from the interior, from a given station, or from any space or position regarded as a center or starting place; -- opposed to inner; as, the outer wall; the outer court or gate; the outer stump in cricket; the outer world.
  4. (v.) One who puts out, ousts, or expels; also, an ouster; dispossession.

• Outerly Definition & Meaning
  1. (adv.) Toward the outside.
  2. (adv.) Utterly; entirely.

• Outermost Definition & Meaning
  1. (a.) Being on the extreme external part; farthest outward; as, the outermost row.

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