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Definition & Synonyms

• Outrage

  1. (n.) To commit outrage upon; to subject to outrage; to treat with violence or excessive abuse.
  2. (n.) Excess; luxury.
  3. (v. t.) To rage in excess of.
  4. (v. t.) To be guilty of an outrage; to act outrageously.
  5. (n.) Specifically, to violate; to commit an indecent assault upon (a female).
  6. (n.) Injurious violence or wanton wrong done to persons or things; a gross violation of right or decency; excessive abuse; wanton mischief; gross injury.

Appall, Desecrate, Dishonor, Exasperate, Incense, Indignation, Infuriate, Offend, Profane, Rape, Ravish, Scandal, Scandalize, Shock, Violate,