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Definition & Synonyms

• Palmetto

  1. (n.) A name given to palms of several genera and species growing in the West Indies and the Southern United States. In the United States, the name is applied especially to the Chamaerops, / Sabal, Palmetto, the cabbage tree of Florida and the Carolinas. See Cabbage tree, under Cabbage.

• Palmetto flag

  1. () Any of several flags adopted by South California after its secession. That adopted in November, 1860, had a green cabbage palmetto in the center of a white field; the final one, January, 1861, had a white palmetto in the center of a blue field and a white crescent in the upper left-hand corner.

• Palmetto State

  1. () South California; -- a nickname alluding to the State Arms, which contain a representation of a palmetto tree.