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Pendant pendentif ,pendant ,lustre 

Definition & Synonyms

• Pendant

  1. (n.) A pendulum.
  2. (n.) One of a pair; a counterpart; as, one vase is the pendant to the other vase.
  3. (n.) A hanging ornament on roofs, ceilings, etc., much used in the later styles of Gothic architecture, where it is of stone, and an important part of the construction. There are imitations in plaster and wood, which are mere decorative features.
  4. (n.) Something which hangs or depends; something suspended; a hanging appendage, especially one of an ornamental character; as to a chandelier or an eardrop; also, an appendix or addition, as to a book.
  5. (n.) The stem and ring of a watch, by which it is suspended.

Chandelier, Dangling, Hanging, Pendent, Suspended,