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Safety sécurité ,sûreté  

Definition & Synonyms

• Safety

  1. (n.) A safety touchdown.
  2. (n.) Short for Safety bicycle.
  3. (n.) Freedom from whatever exposes one to danger or from liability to cause danger or harm; safeness; hence, the quality of making safe or secure, or of giving confidence, justifying trust, insuring against harm or loss, etc.
  4. (n.) Preservation from escape; close custody.
  5. (n.) The condition or state of being safe; freedom from danger or hazard; exemption from hurt, injury, or loss.
  6. (n.) Same as Safety touchdown, below.

Guard, Prophylactic, Refuge, Rubber, Safe,

• Safety chain

  1. () A chain of sheet metal links with an elongated hole through each broad end, made up by doubling the first link on itself, slipping the next link through and doubling, and so on.
  2. () An auxiliary watch chain, secured to the clothes, usually out of sight, to prevent stealing of the watch.
  3. () A normally slack chain for preventing excessive movement between a truck and a car body in sluing.

• Safety bicycle

  1. () A bicycle with equal or nearly equal wheels, usually 28 inches diameter, driven by pedals connected to the rear (driving) wheel by a multiplying gear.