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mar ,vía marítima ,lago

Definition & Synonyms

• Sea

  1. (n.) A great brazen laver in the temple at Jerusalem; -- so called from its size.
  2. (n.) The swell of the ocean or other body of water in a high wind; motion of the waters surface; also, a single wave; a billow; as, there was a high sea after the storm; the vessel shipped a sea.
  3. (n.) Fig.: Anything resembling the sea in vastness; as, a sea of glory.
  4. (n.) The ocean; the whole body of the salt water which covers a large part of the globe.
  5. (n.) An inland body of water, esp. if large or if salt or brackish; as, the Caspian Sea; the Sea of Aral; sometimes, a small fresh-water lake; as, the Sea of Galilee.
  6. (n.) One of the larger bodies of salt water, less than an ocean, found on the earths surface; a body of salt water of second rank, generally forming part of, or connecting with, an ocean or a larger sea; as, the Mediterranean Sea; the Sea of Marmora; the North Sea; the Carribean Sea.


• Sea acorn

  1. () An acorn barnacle (Balanus).

• Sea adder

  1. () The European fifteen-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus spinachia); -- called also bismore.
  2. () The European tanglefish, or pipefish (Syngnathus acus).

• Sea amenone

  1. () Any one of numerous species of soft-bodied Anthozoa, belonging to the order Actrinaria; an actinian.

• Sea anchor

  1. () See Drag sail, under 4th Drag.

• Sea ape

  1. () The thrasher shark.
  2. () The sea otter.

• Sea apple

  1. () The fruit of a West Indian palm (Manicaria Plukenetii), often found floating in the sea.

• Sea arrow

  1. () A squid of the genus Ommastrephes. See Squid.

• Sea bank

  1. () The seashore.
  2. () A bank or mole to defend against the sea.

• Sea barrow

  1. () A sea purse.