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Series série ,suite ,succession 

Definition & Synonyms

• Series

  1. (n.) In Englers system of plant classification, a group of families showing certain structural or morphological relationships. It corresponds to the cohort of some writers, and to the order of many modern systematists.
  2. (n.) A parcel of rough diamonds of assorted qualities.
  3. (n.) A mode of arranging the separate parts of a circuit by connecting them successively end to end to form a single path for the current; -- opposed to parallel. The parts so arranged are said to be in series.
  4. (n.) Any comprehensive group of animals or plants including several subordinate related groups.
  5. (n.) An indefinite number of terms succeeding one another, each of which is derived from one or more of the preceding by a fixed law, called the law of the series; as, an arithmetical series; a geometrical series.
  6. (n.) A number of things or events standing or succeeding in order, and connected by a like relation; sequence; order; course; a succession of things; as, a continuous series of calamitous events.


• Series winding

  1. () A winding in which the armature coil and the field-magnet coil are in series with the external circuits; -- opposed to shunt winding.

• Series motor

  1. () A series-wound motor.
  2. () A motor capable of being used in a series circuit.