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Shrimp crevette grise ,crevette  

Definition & Synonyms

• Shrimp

  1. (v.) In a more general sense, any species of the macruran tribe Caridea, or any species of the order Schizopoda, having a similar form.
  2. (v.) Any one of numerous species of macruran Crustacea belonging to Crangon and various allied genera, having a slender body and long legs. Many of them are used as food. The larger kinds are called also prawns. See Illust. of Decapoda.
  3. (v. t.) To contract; to shrink.
  4. (v.) In a loose sense, any small crustacean, including some amphipods and even certain entomostracans; as, the fairy shrimp, and brine shrimp. See under Fairy, and Brine.
  5. (v.) Figuratively, a little wrinkled man; a dwarf; -- in contempt.

Prawn, Runt,