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Small petit ,peu nombreux ,modeste 

Definition & Synonyms

• Small

  1. (n.) Smallclothes.
  2. (superl.) Being of slight consequence; feeble in influence or importance; unimportant; trivial; insignificant; as, a small fault; a small business.
  3. (adv.) In or to small extent, quantity, or degree; little; slightly.
  4. (superl.) Not prolonged in duration; not extended in time; short; as, after a small space.
  5. (adv.) Not loudly; faintly; timidly.
  6. (superl.) Having little size, compared with other things of the same kind; little in quantity or degree; diminutive; not large or extended in dimension; not great; not much; inconsiderable; as, a small man; a small river.
  7. (n.) Same as Little go. See under Little, a.
  8. (superl.) Envincing little worth or ability; not large-minded; -- sometimes, in reproach, paltry; mean.
  9. (v. t.) To make little or less.
  10. (n.) The small or slender part of a thing; as, the small of the leg or of the back.
  11. (superl.) Weak; slender; fine; gentle; soft; not loud.

Belittled, Diminished, Humble, Little, Low, Lowly, Microscopic, Microscopical, Minor, Minuscule, Modest,