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Solitary solitaire
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• Solitary Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) One who lives alone, or in solitude; an anchoret; a hermit; a recluse.
  2. (a.) Not associated with others of the same kind.
  3. (a.) Living or being by ones self; having no companion present; being without associates; single; alone; lonely.
  4. (a.) ot much visited or frequented remote from society; retired; lonely; as, a solitary residence or place.
  5. (a.) Single; individual; sole; as, a solitary instance of vengeance; a solitary example.
  6. (a.) Not inhabited or occupied; without signs of inhabitants or occupation; desolate; deserted; silent; still; hence, gloomy; dismal; as, the solitary desert.
  7. (a.) Performed, passed, or endured alone; as, a solitary journey; a solitary life.

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