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Tail cola
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• Tail Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) In flying machines, a plane or group of planes used at the rear to confer stability.
  2. (n.) In some forms of rope-laying machine, pieces of rope attached to the iron bar passing through the grooven wooden top containing the strands, for wrapping around the rope to be laid.
  3. (n.) A tailed coat; a tail coat.
  4. (n.) The side of a coin opposite to that which bears the head, effigy, or date; the reverse; -- rarely used except in the expression "heads or tails," employed when a coin is thrown up for the purpose of deciding some point by its fall.
  5. (v. t.) To pull or draw by the tail.
  6. (n.) Any long, flexible terminal appendage; whatever resembles, in shape or position, the tail of an animal, as a catkin.
  7. (n.) Same as Tailing, 4.
  8. (n.) The bottom or lower portion of a member or part, as a slate or tile.
  9. (n.) The distal tendon of a muscle.
  10. (n.) The terminal, and usually flexible, posterior appendage of an animal.
  11. (n.) The part of a note which runs perpendicularly upward or downward from the head; the stem.
  12. (n.) See Tailing, n., 5.
  13. (n.) A rope spliced to the strap of a block, by which it may be lashed to anything.
  14. (v. t.) To follow or hang to, like a tail; to be attached closely to, as that which can not be evaded.
  15. (v. i.) To swing with the stern in a certain direction; -- said of a vessel at anchor; as, this vessel tails down stream.
  16. (a.) Limited; abridged; reduced; curtailed; as, estate tail.
  17. (n.) A train or company of attendants; a retinue.
  18. (n.) A downy or feathery appendage to certain achenes. It is formed of the permanent elongated style.
  19. (n.) One of the strips at the end of a bandage formed by splitting the bandage one or more times.
  20. (n.) A portion of an incision, at its beginning or end, which does not go through the whole thickness of the skin, and is more painful than a complete incision; -- called also tailing.
  21. (n.) Limitation; abridgment.
  22. (v. i.) To hold by the end; -- said of a timber when it rests upon a wall or other support; -- with in or into.
  23. (n.) Hence, the back, last, lower, or inferior part of anything, -- as opposed to the head, or the superior part.

• Tail-bay Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) The part of a canal lock below the lower gates.
  2. (n.) One of the joists which rest one end on the wall and the other on a girder; also, the space between a wall and the nearest girder of a floor. Cf. Case-bay.

• Tail-water Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) Water in a tailrace.

• Tailage Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) See Tallage.

• Tailblock Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) A block with a tail. See Tail, 9.

• Tailboard Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) The board at the rear end of a cart or wagon, which can be removed or let down, for convenience in loading or unloading.

• Tailed Definition & Meaning
  1. (a.) Having a tail; having (such) a tail or (so many) tails; -- chiefly used in composition; as, bobtailed, longtailed, etc.

• Tailing Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) A prolongation of current in a telegraph line, due to capacity in the line and causing signals to run together.
  2. (n.) The part of a projecting stone or brick inserted in a wall.
  3. (n.) Same as Tail, n., 8 (a).
  4. (n.) Sexual intercourse.
  5. (n.) The refuse part of stamped ore, thrown behind the tail of the buddle or washing apparatus. It is dressed over again to secure whatever metal may exist in it. Called also tails.
  6. (n.) The lighter parts of grain separated from the seed threshing and winnowing; chaff.

• Taille Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) The French name for the tenor voice or part; also, for the tenor viol or viola.
  2. (n.) Any imposition levied by the king, or any other lord, upon his subjects.
  3. (n.) A tally; an account scored on a piece of wood.

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