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cabo ,terminación

Definition & Synonyms

• Termination

  1. (n.) A word; a term.
  2. (n.) Last purpose of design.
  3. (n.) End; conclusion; result.
  4. (n.) The act of terminating, or of limiting or setting bounds; the act of ending or concluding; as, a voluntary termination of hostilities.
  5. (n.) That which ends or bounds; limit in space or extent; bound; end; as, the termination of a line.
  6. (n.) End in time or existence; as, the termination of the year, or of life; the termination of happiness.
  7. (n.) The ending of a word; a final syllable or letter; the part added to a stem in inflection.

Conclusion, Ending, Expiration, Expiry, Outcome, Result, Resultant, Terminus,