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Tight fermé ,enfermé ,raide 

Definition & Synonyms

• Tight

  1. (v. t.) To tighten.
  2. () p. p. of Tie.
  3. (superl.) Close, so as not to admit the passage of a liquid or other fluid; not leaky; as, a tight ship; a tight cask; a tight room; -- often used in this sense as the second member of a compound; as, water-tight; air-tight.
  4. (superl.) Not slack or loose; firmly stretched; taut; -- applied to a rope, chain, or the like, extended or stretched out.
  5. (superl.) Not ragged; whole; neat; tidy.
  6. () of Tie
  7. (superl.) Somewhat intoxicated; tipsy.
  8. (superl.) Handy; adroit; brisk.
  9. (superl.) Firmly held together; compact; not loose or open; as, tight cloth; a tight knot.
  10. (superl.) Fitting close, or too close, to the body; as, a tight coat or other garment.
  11. (superl.) Close; parsimonious; saving; as, a man tight in his dealings.
  12. (superl.) Pressing; stringent; not easy; firmly held; dear; -- said of money or the money market. Cf. Easy, 7.

Besotted, Close, Closely, Compressed, Crocked, Fast, Fuddled, Loaded, Mean, Miserly, Nasty, Plastered, Rigorous, Slopped, Smashed, Soaked, Soused, Squiffy, Stiff, Stringent, Taut, Tipsy, Wet,