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transformación ,trastrueco

Definition & Synonyms

• Transformation

  1. (n.) Change of one from of material into another, as in assimilation; metabolism; metamorphosis.
  2. (n.) The change, as of an equation or quantity, into another form without altering the value.
  3. (n.) Any change in an organism which alters its general character and mode of life, as in the development of the germ into the embryo, the egg into the animal, the larva into the insect (metamorphosis), etc.; also, the change which the histological units of a tissue are prone to undergo. See Metamorphosis.
  4. (n.) A change in disposition, heart, character, or the like; conversion.
  5. (n.) The act of transforming, or the state of being transformed; change of form or condition.
  6. (n.) The imagined possible or actual change of one metal into another; transmutation.

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