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barniz ,esmalte ,laca

Definition & Synonyms

• Varnish

  1. (n.) That which resembles varnish, either naturally or artificially; a glossy appearance.
  2. (n.) To lay varnish on; to cover with a liquid which produces, when dry, a hard, glossy surface; as, to varnish a table; to varnish a painting.
  3. (n.) An artificial covering to give a fair appearance to any act or conduct; outside show; gloss.
  4. (n.) To cover or conceal with something that gives a fair appearance; to give a fair coloring to by words; to gloss over; to palliate; as, to varnish guilt.
  5. (n.) A viscid liquid, consisting of a solution of resinous matter in an oil or a volatile liquid, laid on work with a brush, or otherwise. When applied the varnish soon dries, either by evaporation or chemical action, and the resinous part forms thus a smooth, hard surface, with a beautiful gloss, capable of resisting, to a greater or less degree, the influences of air and moisture.