Definition & Synonyms

• Weary

  1. (v. t.) To reduce or exhaust the physical strength or endurance of; to tire; to fatigue; as, to weary ones self with labor or traveling.
  2. (v. t.) To harass by anything irksome.
  3. (v. i.) To grow tired; to become exhausted or impatient; as, to weary of an undertaking.
  4. (superl.) Having the strength exhausted by toil or exertion; worn out in respect to strength, endurance, etc.; tired; fatigued.
  5. (v. t.) To make weary of anything; to exhaust the patience of, as by continuance.
  6. (superl.) Causing weariness; tiresome.
  7. (superl.) Having ones patience, relish, or contentment exhausted; tired; sick; -- with of before the cause; as, weary of marching, or of confinement; weary of study.

Aweary, Fag, Fatigue, Jade, Outwear, Pall, Tire, Wear,