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Wheat blé  

Definition & Synonyms

• Wheat

  1. (n.) A cereal grass (Triticum vulgare) and its grain, which furnishes a white flour for bread, and, next to rice, is the grain most largely used by the human race.


• Wheat rust

  1. () A disease of wheat and other grasses caused by the rust fungus Puccinia graminis; also, the fungus itself.

• Wheat sawfly

  1. () A small European sawfly (Cephus pygmaeus) whose larva does great injury to wheat by boring in the stalks.
  2. () Pachynematus extensicornis, whose larvae feed chiefly on the blades of wheat; -- called also grass sawfly.
  3. () Any of several small American sawflies of the genus Dolerus, as D. sericeus and D. arvensis, whose larvae injure the stems or heads of wheat.