Whether Meaning in Urdu

Whether meaning in Urdu is Chaahay (چاہے). Similar words of Whether are also commonly used in daily talk like as Whetherorno, and Whether or not. Pronunciation of Whether in roman Urdu is "Chaahay" and Translation of Whether in Urdu writing script is چاہے.

Whether Meaning
Chaahay چاہے
Khowah خواہ
Whether Sentence & Examples
  • I don t know whether you agree or not.
  • I dont know whether he comes or not.
  • I will be your friend whether you will or not.
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Whether Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (conj.) In case; if; -- used to introduce the first or two or more alternative clauses, the other or others being connected by or, or by or whether. When the second of two alternatives is the simple negative of the first it is sometimes only indicated by the particle not or no after the correlative, and sometimes it is omitted entirely as being distinctly implied in the whether of the first.
  2. (pron.) Which (of two); which one (of two); -- used interrogatively and relatively.

Whether Urdu Meaning with Definition

Whether is an English word meaning Chahay in Urdu, written as چاہے. It is used to express a doubt or choice between alternatives, indicating that a statement applies whichever of the alternatives mentioned in the case. To get more clarity, you can check out the sentences provided here. Moreover, you can learn its correct Urdu translation with proper pronunciation and definition.

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