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Worm ver ,asticot ,minable 

Definition & Synonyms

• Worm

  1. (v. t.) To clean by means of a worm; to draw a wad or cartridge from, as a firearm. See Worm, n. 5 (b).
  2. (n.) A certain muscular band in the tongue of some animals, as the dog; the lytta. See Lytta.
  3. (n.) Any helminth; an entozoon.
  4. (n.) To cut the worm, or lytta, from under the tongue of, as a dog, for the purpose of checking a disposition to gnaw. The operation was formerly supposed to guard against canine madness.
  5. (n.) Any small creeping animal or reptile, either entirely without feet, or with very short ones, including a great variety of animals; as, an earthworm; the blindworm.
  6. (n.) A creeping or a crawling animal of any kind or size, as a serpent, caterpillar, snail, or the like.
  7. (n.) The condensing tube of a still, often curved and wound to economize space. See Illust. of Still.
  8. (v. t.) To effect, remove, drive, draw, or the like, by slow and secret means; -- often followed by out.
  9. (n.) To wind rope, yarn, or other material, spirally round, between the strands of, as a cable; to wind with spun yarn, as a small rope.
  10. (n.) An internal tormentor; something that gnaws or afflicts ones mind with remorse.
  11. (v. i.) To work slowly, gradually, and secretly.
  12. (n.) Same as Vermes.
  13. (n.) Anything spiral, vermiculated, or resembling a worm
  14. (n.) The thread of a screw.
  15. (n.) Any annelid.
  16. (n.) An insect larva.
  17. (n.) A short revolving screw, the threads of which drive, or are driven by, a worm wheel by gearing into its teeth or cogs. See Illust. of Worm gearing, below.
  18. (n.) A spiral instrument or screw, often like a double corkscrew, used for drawing balls from firearms.
  19. (n.) A being debased and despised.

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