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Reviews & Comments on Bol News Live

amir bhai! ASSALAM-O-OALIKUM!! umaray ka pura package bhej do Allah puray bol channel walo ko salmat rkahy agar Allah ne apk dil mai mere liye ehsas dal diya toh ap meri ye khuwaish puri kray gay. Shukariya...
Rana Amjad Warsi, lahore Sunday, May 20 2018

well done
keep it up bol
naveed sethu, islamabad Saturday, May 19 2018

Muhammad anas, Karachi Saturday, May 19 2018

Mashallah amir bhai
Muhammad anas, Karachi Saturday, May 19 2018

Sir bol channel is not comming in our area we want to see your trsnsmission please do somthing...
Zohaib , Lahore Saturday, May 19 2018

salam Amire bhai allah apko salamat rakhe ameen...
asad, qom Saturday, May 19 2018

respected all,
amir sahab se ikhtilafat he mager ye program bohat acha he . or qari khalil sahab or degar ulma ko Allah mazid ilim ata farmaye ..
Rana Arsalan, Karachi Friday, May 18 2018

Excellent channel all the way.
arafat najmi, London Friday, May 18 2018

Who is the Khateeb in Mein Bol Ramada transmission 2018
Aamir, Lahore Friday, May 18 2018

عامر بھائی اسلام وعلیکم
بھائی اپ اختلافی سوالات مت لیں
آپ بھی ایک سائیڈ کی بات کرتے ہیں
ہر مکاتب فکر ایک عالم دین ہو
Muhammad bilal, Riyadh Thursday, May 17 2018

Great programs being presented by BOL. Amir Liaquat, Sami Ibhraim, Asad Kharal all are doing the best job. Dr. Guhlam Hussain & Qazi Saeed be made permanent part of BOL.
Durrani, Lahore Wednesday, May 16 2018

hji, kji Wednesday, May 16 2018

Good Chanel I like this and love this
Captain Dr. Rana Aslam Khan Gujranwala
Raana Aslam Khan, Gujranwala Wednesday, May 16 2018

IFTIKHAR, CALGARY Tuesday, May 15 2018

with all other deficiencies the biggest is the presence of Amir Liaquat, has pregrammes are so cheap and low in standard, no other option but to change the channel
da trth, new york Tuesday, May 15 2018

I am sorry your channel's poor live coverage of PPP great gathering in Jinnah Ground. You have gave very little pictures through attached other pictures. But peoples knows and saw the lot of peoples in this gathering. As looks like your channel also be collect a lot of money from PTI. But PPP is not give the huge amount and then get the full coverage. You have already appointed as a compare Dr. Liaquat Hussain and Dr. Liaquat Hussain is a PTI Worker. Is this ture? Is a political worker can compareship. I am seeing your compare give a tell a lie about the gathering of PTI. PTI gathering most short than PPP.
Muhammad Akmal, Jauharabad Saturday, May 12 2018

We want to see the power show of PPP in Karachi today live.
Muhammad Akmal, Jauharabad Saturday, May 12 2018

Rehan Hashmi telling a lie that the gathered of PPP in Tanki Ground. The major numbers of people of Liaquatabad attend this event. Very few people was other sides. I am there and I saw mostly people of Liaquatabad were there. Rehan Hashmi only telling a lie a negative propoganda.
Muhammad Akmal, Jauharabad Saturday, May 12 2018

gul, nj Friday, May 11 2018

It must be investigated that people remained on Pakistans exective position, they may be enemy agents. Must be investigated by authorties.
Bashir, RWP Wednesday, May 09 2018

new kaaf leage
SAEED AHMED, karachi Wednesday, May 09 2018

Bol news is bast chainal
Wasim karim, Rahim yar khan Tuesday, May 08 2018

bol news 01
haroon ali, mirpurkhas Tuesday, May 08 2018

BE CARE FULL BE CARE FULL VOTERS COME TO REALITY COME TO REALITY COME TO TRUTH;;;SOME TIMES LIE is repeated so many times till it becomes truth. PAKISTANI VOTER are more responsible because ISLAM GIVE VOTERS MORE REALITY OF VOTE DISPENSING. THE VOTERS decision will be registered in HEAVEN,S ACCOUNT. MUSLIMS VOTERS WILL GET 2 BENEFITS OF ONE VOTE. There is temporary success permanent success.PERMANENT SUCCESS CAN NEVER BE BOUGHT OR SOLD. Right use of vote will bring success after DEATH.VOTERS DO NOT MISS THE CHANCE.????
iftikhar, CALGARY Monday, May 07 2018

Imran Niazi Laila Mujnoo ki kahani sunaraha hay. Public ko Baiwakhoof bana Raha hay.
Chief Justice ki apple polish kur raha hay.
Hyder Nawab, karachi Monday, May 07 2018

Bol news well news in Pakistan
ayaz, karachi Monday, May 07 2018

asking kalasra to expose unionists they always supported establishment and marshallaws do it next week thankyou
zubair, houston tx usa Saturday, May 05 2018

I like bol Chanel
M Ali qureshi, Karachi Pakistan Saturday, May 05 2018

A politician loose their respect himself. In the 2nd world war Charchal asked their one Minister "Peoples have satisfying right decisions by Judges. Minister said "Yes Sir". Then Charchal said at that time, England not loose this war. England will win this war. History was gave the evidence then its true. Today, Now Judges giving good and nice decision for our Country. So the respect of Judges first, and other respects after this.
Muhammad Akmal, Jauharabad Saturday, May 05 2018

Imran khan Chairman PTI, I think he will not forgot the M/s Sally Textile Mills Rest House. Where what they does with two other men? At the time I should be open this secret with proofs.
Muhammad Akmal, Jauharabad Saturday, May 05 2018

Bol News Live

Bol News Live TV– Regarded as Pakistan’s largest and revolutionary media house, Bol News claims to broadcast their transmission in 4K Ultra HD. With amazing picture quality and interesting program content, Bol News is making its waves higher in the electronic media industry of Pakistan. The channel is owned by Chairman and CEO Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh.

Bol TV News is a complete media structure that comprise of television, digital media, print media, cinemas & movies, radio & theatre. Bol News TV aims to transform the outlook of Pakistani media by providing authentic coverage of news and top events in the most professional manner. Bol News TV wing has raised the bar high for other channels with some impressive unique shows. Viewers are completely hooked with Bol TV News shows like Pakistan News Room, Bol Pakistan, and Top Five Breaking on Bol TV. Many popular media figures like Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, Mubashir Luqman, Dr. Shahid Masood, Mushtaq Minhas, Javed Iqbal, and Hamza Ali Abbasi has joined the Bol News. Some of the popular Bol News channel shows that are getting the fame are Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga, Live with Dr. Shahid Masood, Bol News Head quarters, Ab Mein Bolun Ke Na Bolun, Meri Jung with Mubashir Luqman, and Bol Pakistan.

Bol TV Live show Aise Nahi Chalay Ga by Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain is creating lot of buzz in the media due to his impressive and pinching style of anchoring. The show is telecast live daily at 10:30pm. Similarly, Bol News Head quarters hosted by Hamza Ali Abbasi is getting huge popularity and viewership.

BOL News Urdu has been the talk of the town since the time it made it to your screens. Bol News Live has also modernized news coverage to a huge extent. 3 Main 15 News Bulletin is one such example that shows top news of the world in just 15 minutes. Bol TV aims to generate more than 50% of the revenues and profits by entering global media market. The company aims to deploy the core competencies towards the socio-economic development of Pakistan. Bol TV launched with various categories and facilities including Bol Entertainment, Bol Sports, Bol Theatre, Bol Movies, Bol Radio, Bol Publications, and Bol Education. Bol News Live aims to give you latest breaking news as it happens. Those who are looking for a change in regular news channel can switch to Bol News TV on TV screens and online users can watch Bol TV Live Streaming here on this page.