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Reviews & Comments on Bol News Live

Mohdali khatri, karachi Friday, April 09 2021

بول ٹی وی نے اک اسلامی ملک میں جو جواہ کارڑ گیم شروع کیا ہوا ہے انشاہ اللہ بہت جلد عدالت عالیہ میں اس ٹی وی کی جوائے باذی پر کیس کروں گا
Ali taqi, multan Wednesday, January 27 2021

Bolo game show kis
MalikJavid, Gogran Sunday, January 17 2021

Bol, looking at your comments posted, why not being updated for many months, have you stop posting new comments, or you only post comments the one you like? whats going on I see comments posted in month of September soon last year.
Saeed, CANADA Wednesday, December 30 2020

what ever you are doing with my computer, going againsty PAKISTAN. HAVE FUN
IFTIKHAR, barrie-+-+-onyario---canadaq Wednesday, December 30 2020

mehnat kush is not kami or kamena mehnat ki izzat karo mehnat ko buri nazar se na deko allah nearest and dearest is mehnat kush
zubair ali shah, houston Sunday, December 20 2020

mehnat ko izzat do
zubair ali shah, houston Sunday, December 20 2020

AsalamuAKikum shoib shekh sahab boll news ki nashryat nhi arhi hydrabad latifabad 12me an kia shoib bhai tarha bil news ki awaz nhi dabai ha rhi hy shoib shekh zindabad Aik Allah hi kaafi hy hamri hifazat k let
Wajid, Hyd Friday, December 18 2020

Come On Bol wake up, your channel ofline again for few weeks and you are not aware of it, very
Sam Arman, Canada Wednesday, December 16 2020

Bol you are just ignoring new comments, and still displying comments from month of September 2020
you did not receive any new comments since September?. do you have anybody running this department very strange and unprofessional.
Sam Arman, anada Tuesday, December 08 2020

Bol News Channel is offline?
saeed memon, hyderabad Tuesday, December 01 2020

in our Pakistan 2 kinds of law for poor peoples law will come hardly no Justice with crying poors peoples and power full peoples out of law ,,,, O GOD WHEN PAKISTAN WILL CHANGE,,,
O GOD OMRAN IS ALOWN HELP HIM,,,, all thieves in PDM ,,,,, GGOD SAVE TO PAKISTAN AND HONEST MAN OMRAN .... we know bads eggs also in his pocket but what he do this is blady Parlimany Ststem ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
riaz sheikh , tripoli libya Monday, November 30 2020

Pakistani Tv Channels only support opposition with 200% enthusiasm for their anti government
movement, and they have nothing to support for rulling party, shame on Pak Media. In my openion
Government should shut down all anti government chennals, its better for Pakistan.
Sam Arman, anada Sunday, November 29 2020

main ne bol wala 100 ka card lia tha is ko scrtch kar ke nn dail kia sirf ye message aya ke bol kard istemal karny ka shukria phir se abhi tak koi mssage nahi aya kia karoon please batadai
iqbal ansari, karachi Saturday, September 05 2020

bol news channel is offline??????????????????
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad (Pakistan) Friday, September 04 2020

Bol TV, Sami Ibrahim Sahab my to you is do not apear with thease people like Alina & Siddique
if you keep doing it you may lose your rating & credibility.
Arman, Mississauga Wednesday, September 02 2020

IFTIKHAR, BARRIE----- ONTARIO Wednesday, September 02 2020

Siddiue Sajid a new Traitor Ghaddar e Pakistan.
Zaeed Ahmed, Ontario Wednesday, September 02 2020

You guys only only post comments in your favour, means you need your Chamchey.
Arman, USA Wednesday, September 02 2020

channel is offline!!!!!!!!!
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad (Pakistan) Monday, August 24 2020

bol news channel ofline?
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad (Pakistan) Thursday, August 13 2020

bol news channel streaming is not online since long time.
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad (Pakistan) Saturday, July 11 2020

bol news channel just now became offline. What is problem with your channel?
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad (Pakistan) Thursday, July 09 2020

for your IT information online BOL not working at all for few days.
Arman, Canada Wednesday, June 03 2020

bol news channel not streaming
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad (Pakistan) Saturday, May 30 2020

Bol news channel is still not streaming. Why?
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad Saturday, May 23 2020

Bol news channel is offline.
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad Saturday, May 23 2020

Game show is the best show in the Pakistan country and Danish Tamooir is best host for game show.
Ali Raza, Lahore Saturday, April 04 2020

i like it
qadeer khan, rajan pur Monday, March 30 2020

kerfew lagadena chahye
parvaiz, karachi Sunday, March 22 2020

Bol News Live

Watch Bol News live streaming today Monday, October 25 2021 online at hamariweb, enjoy all of the latest programs through Bol News live TV channel online live streaming. Watch your favorite programs on Bol News live TV online without any hassle. Along with Bol News Live, you can also watch Pakistan live TV streaming of other channels on their respective pages.

Bol News Live TV – Regarded as Pakistan’s largest and revolutionary media house. The channel is offering a vast range of programs to offer the latest and authentic information to viewers. It is a reason that the channel is getting immense popularity among users. On the other side, they try to cover news and updates from all around the world in their news bulletin.

The Bol News claims to broadcast their transmission in 4K Ultra HD. With amazing picture quality and interesting program content, Bol News is making its waves higher in the electronic media industry of Pakistan. The channel is owned by Chairman and CEO Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh.

Bol TV News is a complete media structure that comprise of television, digital media, print media, cinemas & movies, radio & theatre. Bol News TV aims to transform the outlook of Pakistani media by providing authentic coverage of news and top events in the most professional manner. Bol News TV wing has raised the bar high for other channels with some impressive unique shows. Viewers are completely hooked with Bol TV News shows like Pakistan News Room, Bol Pakistan, and Top Five Breaking on Bol TV. Many popular media figures have joined the Bol News. Some of the popular Bol News channel shows that are getting the fame are Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga, Bol News Head quarters, Ab Mein Bolun Ke Na Bolun, and Bol Pakistan.

BOL News Urdu has been the talk of the town since the time it made it to your screens. Bol News Live has also modernized news coverage to a huge extent. 3 Main 15 News Bulletin is one such example that shows top news of the world in just 15 minutes. Bol TV aims to generate more than 50% of the revenues and profits by entering global media market. The company aims to deploy the core competencies towards the socio-economic development of Pakistan. Bol TV launched with various categories and facilities including Bol Entertainment, Bol Sports, Bol Theatre, Bol Movies, Bol Radio, Bol Publications, and Bol Education. Bol News Live aims to give you latest breaking news as it happens. Those who are looking for a change in regular news channel can switch to Bol News TV on TV screens and online users can watch Bol TV Live Streaming here on this page.