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Reviews & Comments on Bol News Live

for your IT information online BOL not working at all for few days.
Arman, Canada Wednesday, June 03 2020

bol news channel not streaming
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad (Pakistan) Saturday, May 30 2020

Bol news channel is still not streaming. Why?
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad Saturday, May 23 2020

Bol news channel is offline.
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad Saturday, May 23 2020

Game show is the best show in the Pakistan country and Danish Tamooir is best host for game show.
Ali Raza, Lahore Saturday, April 04 2020

i like it
qadeer khan, rajan pur Monday, March 30 2020

kerfew lagadena chahye
parvaiz, karachi Sunday, March 22 2020

Bankers ko tankha tu mili nahi rashan bhi nahi lay saktay or yeh lockdown kar rahay han kam say kam locks say pehlay awam kam bhi kuch karo sirf imdad k baray may nahi
Kamran TAQVI, Khi Sunday, March 22 2020

Bole news channel quality can be judged from this act of administration who has appointed Dr. fiza Akber khan as an anchor person. For God sack She does't justify for this post. Her ability is just to criticize opposition. Her language about opposition is also not upto the standard and not acceptable.
Noorul Bashar, Peshawar Thursday, March 19 2020

Why your BOL Channel stays offline 2 days every week
A. Durrani, Santa Ana, CA - USA Wednesday, March 18 2020

Bol news channel is offlin since about last one hour.
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad Wednesday, March 18 2020

Your IT department is bunch of incompotant peole, your channel never work on line.
Good luck
Sam Arman, MISSISSAUGA Thursday, February 27 2020

bol news channel offline?
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad (Pakistan) Saturday, February 22 2020

Dear Sir, Bol News Channel is offline constantly since last 2 days. What comments can we offer about certain programs of the Channel. Regards,
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad (Pakistan) Friday, February 21 2020

whenever Bol News Channel is opened, it is always found offline. Where is fault? Whether it is inside fault or outside then we would comment on valuable program?
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad (Pakistan) Wednesday, February 19 2020

Bol News Channel is now offline since 10pm.
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad Tuesday, February 18 2020

What is issue with Bol News Live Channel. It is again ofline?
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad Sunday, February 16 2020

Dear Sir, Bol News mostly remain offline. What is the issue with this channel?
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad (Pakistan) Thursday, February 06 2020

Bol is now ofline. What is issue?
Saeed Memon, Hyderabad Wednesday, February 05 2020

bol tv news ka programm nai araa hay
Mohdali khatri, karachi Friday, January 24 2020

Not Nizam it's the people who don't want to change, the people are to be blamed not the Gov.
Shaheena Bokhari, Exton Wednesday, January 22 2020

i like sami ibraheem i like this channel keep it up
dr aslam gondal sb, mona sydan Wednesday, January 22 2020

very good channel i like
dr aslam gondal sb, mona sydan Saturday, January 18 2020

best channel i like
dr aslam gondal sb, mona sydan Monday, January 13 2020

best channel i like it
dr aslam gondal sb, mona sydan Thursday, December 26 2019

One of the best CH in Pakistan, Sami Ibrahim and Dr Fiza Akbar Khan are very bold and trust able Anchors. Even whole Bol team is very smart and the best.

Waheed, Islamabad Saturday, December 14 2019

i like sami ibrahim , dr fiza akbar and usma ghazi programm and watch daily regularly.all the programm are presenting good analysis.
abdul waheed zmani, karachi Friday, November 29 2019

Congratulation to all teem of show aisy ni Chale Ga specialy Dr.Fiza Akbar khan woow very nice way of talking this is realy nation vice MGB YOU.
Shamaun patris, lahore Tuesday, November 19 2019

Is this is not NRO in sharif case? . Why govt and media is not honest with PAK people or any thing is good in Pakistan. What is going on. Tell tell
Faisal , Lahore Tuesday, November 19 2019

Please recover bol news live on my page
Abuzar, Quetta Monday, November 18 2019

Bol News Live

Bol News Live TV – Regarded as Pakistan’s largest and revolutionary media house. The channel is offering a vast range of programs to offer the latest and authentic information to viewers. It is a reason that the channel is getting immense popularity among users. On the other side, they try to cover news and updates from all around the world in their news bulletin.

The Bol News claims to broadcast their transmission in 4K Ultra HD. With amazing picture quality and interesting program content, Bol News is making its waves higher in the electronic media industry of Pakistan. The channel is owned by Chairman and CEO Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh.

Bol TV News is a complete media structure that comprise of television, digital media, print media, cinemas & movies, radio & theatre. Bol News TV aims to transform the outlook of Pakistani media by providing authentic coverage of news and top events in the most professional manner. Bol News TV wing has raised the bar high for other channels with some impressive unique shows. Viewers are completely hooked with Bol TV News shows like Pakistan News Room, Bol Pakistan, and Top Five Breaking on Bol TV. Many popular media figures have joined the Bol News. Some of the popular Bol News channel shows that are getting the fame are Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga, Bol News Head quarters, Ab Mein Bolun Ke Na Bolun, and Bol Pakistan.

BOL News Urdu has been the talk of the town since the time it made it to your screens. Bol News Live has also modernized news coverage to a huge extent. 3 Main 15 News Bulletin is one such example that shows top news of the world in just 15 minutes. Bol TV aims to generate more than 50% of the revenues and profits by entering global media market. The company aims to deploy the core competencies towards the socio-economic development of Pakistan. Bol TV launched with various categories and facilities including Bol Entertainment, Bol Sports, Bol Theatre, Bol Movies, Bol Radio, Bol Publications, and Bol Education. Bol News Live aims to give you latest breaking news as it happens. Those who are looking for a change in regular news channel can switch to Bol News TV on TV screens and online users can watch Bol TV Live Streaming here on this page.