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Reviews & Comments on Din News Live

Aaj Din News Key Sath----- This criminal faced MEHMOOD SADIQ (SOB) has been advising a CRIMINAL (nawaz sharif) TO DISOBEY THE LAW OF THE LAND. This SOB should be immediately fired from the CHAIRMANSHIP OF Din news. He should be arested and put behind bar for inciting disobedience of the Law of the land as treason.
shakir mumtaz, Atlanta, GA USA Sunday, July 29 2018

Today again DIN news had invited a guest who said that corruption is ok as long as the government do a little bit development. It is beyond my belief that DIN promote and invite guests who promote immoral bihaviours. For this reson only I switched the channel.
Aqeel Siddiqi, San Jose, CA, USA Sunday, July 29 2018

You have invited people called sahafi who doesn't know how to talk or even know the appropriate urdu words that fits the current situation. Please don't bring illitrate kids in your program.

Aqeel Siddiqi
Aqeel Siddiqi, San Jose, CA, USA Friday, July 27 2018

Din news is very biased towards a particular political party. I have stopped following these types of news channel who are biased and spread incorrect information to their audience.
Jibran, Karachi Tuesday, July 24 2018

Din news live has always made sure to provide viewers news at the correct time. Whenever something happens during elections or in general, din news always makes sure to cover it on time.
Areeb , Peshawar Monday, July 23 2018

This is a bad situation for Pakistan. All these leader not in favor of nation. All of US
must check what they were before and what they have after power.
Fariha, Multan Sunday, July 22 2018

Here provide the good facility to get to watch this TV channel of din news TV that we easily get to watch that authentically from here any time
naseem, faislabad Wednesday, July 18 2018

I find Iftekhar Kazmi is extremley unfair to Musharraf, he has been paid by PMLN, every single Pakistani reporter is nothing but shame, this guy Kazmi just throwing out his mental dirt on Musharraf. I challenge you Kazmi name me any other Pakistani as loyal as Musharraf, all tv channel's
media of Pakistan like to be surrounded by corrupt politicians because they are corrupt, in result
you have destroyed this country and shame on you all.
Arman, Canada Saturday, June 23 2018

The lectures by Dr. Mohammad Akram are the best on Quran e Hakeem On Din news. Never heard such an appropriate, to the point, informative and educational talk on any of the channels.
The learned professor has command on the topics of Quran e Hakeem witch has never been explored by any other ulemas.
I shall recommend n request that the DIN news channel must telecast this programme even after Ramadan. May be once a week...
Jamal, Lahore Thursday, May 31 2018

Rizwan Razi participation in Controversy today is admirable. He is learned scholar . He has balanced and realistic opinion on issues.
Abdul Qayyum, Lahore Tuesday, May 15 2018

Mahmood sadiq ,the best patriotic host,honest and trustworthy.
Abaig, Montreal Monday, April 30 2018

FAKHAR UL ISLAM, media town islamabad Sunday, April 15 2018

AAj DIN-NEWS ke sath. ---The Criminal faced---Mehmood Sadiq is simply a Nawazi stooge and trying to misguide the common people trying to help his Real father ---NAWAZ SHARIF. This SOB should be investigated and put behind Bars. DIN-NEWS Owners/Directors should look into his dishonest, distortionist nonsense and fire him immediately to save the credibility of their Channel.
shakir mumtaz, Atlanta, Ga USA Sunday, April 08 2018

DIN-NEWS : "AAJ Din News ke sath" Mehmood Sadiq---Know all buffoon---would not hesitate telling God (NUB) you don't know how to run the world give it to me I will show you how to.

This Dumbass is certainly "Lifafa" recepient from Jhon Gotti of Pak (Nawaz Shariff).
shakir mumtaz, Atlanta, Ga USA Saturday, April 07 2018

Mehmood Sadiq (Sharif's stooge) of DIN-NEWS thinks he knows it all. Eveybody should listen to him. Only a deranged would think that.
shakir mumtaz, Atlanta, Ga USA Saturday, March 31 2018

batter then geo
ashraf , toba tak singh Thursday, March 29 2018

So good

asadnaqvi, lahore Wednesday, March 21 2018

Favourite news channel.
Mubarik, Jeddah Sunday, February 25 2018

Favorite News Channel
Shoban, Hyderabad Sunday, February 18 2018

Mehmood Sadiq of DIN News is Over confident person who envisions himself no less than Aristotle or Plato. He might be a good manager but should not be sitting as an analyst at all. DIN News, news reading style is too ridiculous. It should be changed to a dignified style. Kazmi's fast paced show does not match his subdued personality. Either change the tempo or change the Host, please.
shakir mumtaz, Georgia, USA. Tuesday, January 30 2018

I am interesting in a din media group attock please reply me.
soban sadaqat, attock Monday, January 01 2018

How to buy qurandazi taket any website? help me
sanam, Islamabad Friday, December 22 2017

Din News is a new and upcoming news channel that is becoming very popular with the
passage of time. I am also a great fan of Din News Channel and I love watching it all the
lram, Isb Thursday, December 21 2017

Din News Chief--Mohd Sadiq, seems to be bidding for Shariff--John Gotti--of Pakistan. Is Din channel a lifafa Channel ????
shakir mumtaz, Riverdale, USA Wednesday, December 20 2017

sir i have passed fsc and i want to join din news tell me how it will done
M.Usman, burewala Tuesday, December 19 2017

Assalam o alaikum sir mene simple fa kia h m news channel m job krna chahti hn ksy kr skti hn
Aliya , Theather village Thursday, November 30 2017

Sir meri taleem nhi he. Aur main din new ka hessa banna chata hun.ap ka chanal bhaat achaha he.par kisye ap ke chanal ke liy kaam karun
MuhammadAyaz, Dina Saturday, November 18 2017

A.o.A Sir How apply for job as a news anchor send me link
Abdul Qudoos, Lahore Wednesday, November 08 2017

I have passed B tech in electronics from Indus University 2 years experience of bio medical engineering department now Iam Currently working in Marriott Hotel as electronics security system supervisor & applying for Satellite Technician
M.Kaleem, Karachi Monday, November 06 2017

A neutral tv channel and comments and reviews on the latest issues in a very nice manner. Above all the comments and reviews by its Din News Media head on week days at 10 p.m. is worth listening.
Amin Qureshi, Islamabad Tuesday, October 31 2017

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