Afghani Chicken Pulao Recipe By Zubaida Tariq

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Afghani Pulao recipe is also regarded as Kabuli Pulao belongs to Central Asian cuisine. Prepared with cloves, cumin, garlic, carrots and various kinds of nuts, Afghani Pulao recipe Read More

Afghani Pulao recipe is also regarded as Kabuli Pulao belongs to Central Asian cuisine. Prepared with cloves, cumin, garlic, carrots and various kinds of nuts, Afghani Pulao recipe is a treat to have. You can garnish it with nuts and kishmish and serve it with Salad and Chutney. Afghani Chicken Pulao can be found in all the leading restaurants and Highway dhabas of Pakistan. You can prepare this Afghani Pulao recipe by Zubaida Tariq at home. Hide


•   ½ kgchicken
•   4 -5 pieces garlic
•   1 teaspoonginger, chopped
•   2 onions (chopped)
•   8green cardamoms
•   1 teaspoon coriander seeds
•   1 teaspoon cumin seeds
•   1 teaspoon cloves
•   3 cinnamon sticks
•   2 -3 green chilies, chopped
•   1 teaspoon red chili powder
•   2 tomatoes , chopped)
•   2 cups rice
•   2 tbspcooking oil
•   5 cups hot water
•   ½ cup raisins,to decorate
•   1 carrot gratedto decorate


Mix chicken, garlic, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, onion, coriander
seeds, small cardamoms, salt and water in large pot. Stir well and cook
for 30 to 40 minutes on medium heat till the chicken is cooked. Separate
the meat from the stock and keep aside. The stock  should measure 4
cups. If there is more, boil it down till you get 4 cups. Heat oil in
large pan, fry onions till light golden. Add chicken pieces, chopped
tomatoes, green chilies, red chili and cumin seed. Stir well Cook on
medium flame till its turn in light golden.  Now add stock/ Cook till
the mixture comes to a boil, then add rice. Add stock and cover. Stir
gently to mix all ingredients. Cover with a tight fitting lid. Lower
heat and allow to cook for about 10 minutes or until rice is tender but
yet firm. Place pan on a tava and let cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

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This Afghani chicken pulao recipe is so delicious dish ever who is amazing and also mine favorite too that I can make that usually
By: layba, Form: multan, on 28 Mar, 2018
Endeavoring Afghani Pulao Recipe was a spectacular foundation for me. I am particularly obliged to you for this tasty recipe. Keep sharing amazing recipes like this one.
By: Hira, Form: Attock, on 02 Mar, 2018
Just make the Afghhani Pula by the help of this brilliant recipe which make the Afghani Pulao more better and good in the taste
By: Sar,meen, Form: Karachi, on 26 Feb, 2018
Making the Arfhani pulao with these recipes which has the really good method of making every recipe in short time
By: Jawwad, Form: Karachi, on 06 Feb, 2018
This Afghani chicken pulao is the most healthy dish ever that everyone like to eat that because it makes with the little spice and lots of ingredient
By: saleema, Form: Karachi, on 31 Jan, 2018
By this online way I can make the many recipe at home to mine family because there I can easily understand the every dish recipe easily
By: somia, Form: islamabad, on 10 Jan, 2018
I never eat this type of afghani chicken pulao but it’s looking very delicious and spicy which I really like to eat the spicy food and now noted this recipe which I will make it son
By: nayla, Form: multan, on 18 Dec, 2017
I was searching forward for the formula of Afghani chicken pulao. Lastly I have discovered it here on your page. It is the best thing about this site we generally get what we need.
By: Haleema, Form: Karachi, on 11 Dec, 2017
Whenever I make this Afghani pulao so mine whole family eats that ever eagerly that’s why I make that usually by the following this recipe
By: eeman, Form: Karachi, on 06 Dec, 2017
This Afghani Pulao helped me to remember the essence of my maternal grandma's hand. She used to make Afghani Pulao in a similar way. Much obliged to you such a great amount for the superb formula.
By: danish, Form: ladha sadha, on 03 Dec, 2017