Boti Tikka Recipe

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Boti Tikka is surely one of the most delicious traditional Barbeque dish. It can be made with mutton, beef, and chicken meat as per your requirement. Marinated well with all Read More

Boti Tikka is surely one of the most delicious traditional Barbeque dish. It can be made with mutton, beef, and chicken meat as per your requirement. Marinated well with all spicy sauces and flavors, Boti Tikka gives you delicious spicy and tangy taste. The most popular BBQ is Boti Tikka that is also used in Paratha Roll. People also like to eat it with Paratha or Kandhari Naan. It is served by Onion Rings, Raita and Green Chutney. This Boti Tikka is best to serve on Eid ul Adha dinner parties, or even at any normal home party as it does not take enough time to prepare. Try this unique recipe of Boti Tikka and enjoy with your family and friends. Hide


1 kg Beef boTi OR lamb/goat/chicken

1 teaspoon full salt

3 teaspoon red chili powder (lal mirch powder)

½ teaspoon turmeric powder (haldi)

approx ½ to ¾ tea spoon crushed raw papaya with skin OR any other meat tenderizer (kuTa hua kaccha papita chilkay ke sath)

crushed ginger & garlic 1½ table spoon (kuTa hua adrak aur lehsan)

¼ cup lemon juice (lemon ka ras)

oil for brushing on the boTi tikkas while they are on BBQ


For marination:

1.Crush ginger and garlic in pestle and mortar and then add a little water and crush a bit more so that all the flavors of ginger & garlic come in water. strain it and add only this flavored water to the meat in a bowl.

2.If you are using raw papaya crush it and add to the meat.

3.Add all the spices and lemon juice as well.

4.After adding every thing except oil,leave the tikka botti for marination for some time.

5.If you are using wooden(bamboo) skewers, soak them in water overnight or even for 1½ hrs is fine; so that they will not burn on BBQ.

6.Put boTi on the skewers leaving some space in between each botti, this will help them to cook evenly and quickly as well.

7.Depending on the size of skewers about 7-8 pieces per skewer will be fine.

On the Bar BQ:

1.Light the BarBQ ahead of time so that its well hot before the tikkas are placed on it so that sudden high heat to tikkas will seal all the juices of meat inside and they will be nice and juicy & will not be dry.

2.Keep applying oil on the tikka botti when placed on the BBQ, when done on one side, turn them over and apply oil again.

3.When they change golden and no more pink juices drop from them they are done. Serve with chatni.


Don't add too much tenderizer, that will turn the boTi tikka to bihari kababs. amount of tenderizer depends on how tender you like the boTi tikkas to be.

Bajia mentioned in reply to a comment that if no tenderizer is used then leave the tikkas over night for marination.

To check that they are done, look for any drizzling pink juices in plate from the tikkas. ,if yes cook again for a while. don't over cook.

On query of a viewer Bajia mentioned in comments of this video that if someone does not have BBQ these tikkas can be made in oven on high heat but better result is on BBQ.

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Make the boti tikka which has the really good taste and the amazing easiest way to eat with the really good method of making it very well
By: nelam, Form: lahore, on 12 Jun, 2019
Boti tikka is nice tasty with paratha eating with roll up cheese,catchup and salad
By: Ahsan, Form: Lahore, on 12 Feb, 2019
I am a foody and I always love to eat anything and everything near me that I feel yummy to eat. So this boti tikka is one of those things which I always like to eat.
By: Zagham, Form: Faisalabad, on 11 May, 2017
I noted the some recipe which I will make at the occasion who happen at the next week at mine home because there has the every recipe has the delicious unique taste
By: salma, Form: Karachi, on 25 Apr, 2017
If whenever I want to get any new recipe so I just come here to be note that and then I can make that at home for mine whole family which they really like to eat that mine new dishes
By: aroosh, Form: pindi, on 21 Apr, 2017
The recipe of Chilli Boti Tikka is available there recently I got this recipe by my friend and I made it perfectly as they shown which is really impressive
By: Seerat, Form: karachi, on 17 Apr, 2017
I hope that this is the best for my little sister recently she asked me for the Tikka Boti recipe prefer her this website for finding the best Tikka Boti recipe
By: Hamidah, Form: Karachi, on 13 Apr, 2017
Whenever I want to know the any new recipe so I just come here and note another new and most delicious recipe by the easy way
By: meeshaa, Form: lahore, on 11 Apr, 2017
Boti tikka is a very delicious, juicy and creamy dish. Yet easy as well. Try this BBQ recipe you will make it again & again for sure. Serve hot with coriander, mint chutney and salad.
By: yasmeen, Form: kashmir, on 30 Mar, 2017
The word tikka means bits, pieces or chunks. Chicken tikka is an easy-to-cook dish in which chicken chunks are marinated in special spices and then grilled on skewers this is one of Aisan's most popular dishes.
By: darsabeen, Form: erlangen, on 19 Mar, 2017