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Making gola kabab is one of the best recipe for me because it helps me really much to find out the best recipes in the short time
By: sameen, Form: faislabad, on 30 Aug, 2019
Get the good recipe of making the grilled spicy chicken and this is really good to see the best recipe with the amazing step by step method
By: yumna, Form: spicy, on 30 Aug, 2019
Willing to try the chapli kabab recipe on the upcoming weekend for that I am just noting the easy way of its preparation. I like this delicious method and bookmark it.
By: Anaya, Form: khi, on 27 Aug, 2019
Make the best dishes with the help of these recipes which has the really better step by step method for making every recipe perfect
By: aneeqa, Form: Karachi, on 23 Aug, 2019
Make the best dishes with the help of these recipes which has the really better step by step method for making every recipe perfect
By: fayqa, Form: multan, on 23 Aug, 2019
the recipe is easy to make, it is tasty and made in hygiene all the ingredients used in the making of beef seekh kabab recipe by chef fauzia are available in the kitchen, so it doesn't give any hassle to go to the market and get the ingredient.
By: aliya, Form: Rawalpindi , on 17 Aug, 2019
Here I just learned that how to make bihari boti with the brilliant taste and has the really good way of making Biryani too good
By: azyan, Form: faislabad, on 13 Aug, 2019
I just made the creamy kabab recipe with the ultimate taste what I really need to get for making it home on the weekend
By: ameena, Form: sahiwal, on 13 Aug, 2019
Get the best recipes with the brilliant chefs who has the many followers on everywhere Facebook YouTube what’s app everywhere
By: warda, Form: faislabad, on 13 Aug, 2019
Beef seekh kabab is one of the bet dish because many people have tried it and it looks really amazing with the Jaw Drops taste
By: zayan, Form: faislabad, on 12 Aug, 2019


BBQ Recipes are some high end and delicious cuisine which is different and traditional in Pakistan. There is an abundance of bbq recipes on the internet today from which you may adorn your table with some scrumptious ultimate barbecue recipes. Being a desi and not interested in barbecue? This is simply not possible. Desi people love the flavor and aromatic taste of barbecue recipes.
The top 10 bbq recipes includes chicken bbq recipes, veg bbq recipes, and barbecue recipes seafood. The veg and chicken barbecue recipes are basically counted among the American barbecue recipes because they contain fewer spices. All you have to have is a barbecue stand. People usually enjoy barbecue at home on weekends. Pakistani cuisines are one of the well-recognized cuisines among continental food. Pakistani food obtains admiration all around the world especially for its barbecue Recipes in Urdu. Our rendered chicken barbecue recipes are the easiest way to cook appetizing barbecue dishes at home in minutes.

Seafood barbecue recipes are made with salmon, red snapper, prawns or lobsters which are grilled over the stand marinated with sauces and spices. These can be served with vegetables and different kinds of dips.
Veg lovers use the Indian barbecue recipes which are easy and healthy as well. Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, onion, corn on the cob, mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant and bell peppers. Carrots also work beautifully on the bbq stand and tastes well. You may have a look at the veg bbq recipes for trying these vegetables. Put the finger licking sauces and spices over these vegetables and have some mouthwatering bbq recipes.
BBQ recipes in Urdu will ease your hardship of learning the new and unique recipes. This will become easy for the desi women out there. Desi bbq recipes include afghani tikka, green tikka, malai tikka, chargha, tandoori chicken, beef boti, bihari kabab, seekh kabab. A plethora of these recipes is available on our page which is primarily designed for easing the hardship of women. So don’t need to worry about “what to cook today?”, because these trendy bbq recipes will help you to a great extent.
Hamariweb offers you with some simple bbq recipes which are only and only in a class. You may try best bbq recipes from this page since this page consists of different recipes. You may try sausage, salmon and ribs for barbecue also. Sausages are considered healthy for barbecue recipes.
Pakistani bbq recipes are made with unique spices. The barbecue spice made in Pakistan contain cumin, coriander seeds, kashmiri mirch, tatri powder, chaat masala powder, allspice powder, food color, zafran, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt, raw papaya powder (optional) for beef and mutton barbecue recipes. The temping barbecue recipes posted on the page are unique, new and come from the expertise of your favorite chefs. No need to spend more time in browsing Chicken barbecue recipes as you can find all at one platform. Try kebabs, fish, vegetables, beef, mutton and chicken with savory and flavorsome bbq recipes. These are some of the barbecue recipes which can be prepared at home for any event and gatherings. Chargha is also counted among the easy bbq recipes as it is also marinated with the tikka masala. You can try new tricks and techniques for making the flavour unique and palatable.