Gola Kabab Recipe

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Gola Kabab Recipe - Gola Kabab is a barbeque dish that can be served as a side dish at your dining table. Gola Kabab originates from Kandahar, Afghanistan. Soft and melt in Read More

Gola Kabab Recipe - Gola Kabab is a barbeque dish that can be served as a side dish at your dining table. Gola Kabab originates from Kandahar, Afghanistan. Soft and melt in mouth Gola Kabab are given this name due to its shape. Gola Kabab can be pan fried, cooked on grill pan or even baked as per your requirements. It can be served with different kind of chutneys and sauces. The main ingredients of dish are Onion, Chicken/Beef mince, Egg, Yogurt and Chili Powder. To enhance the taste of this dish you can add raw papaya as well. Enjoy this simple recipe of Gola Kabab on the eve of Eid ul Adha. It can be a perfect dish for your barbeque party. Hide


• 1/2 kg Beef mince

• 1 Egg

• 4 Fried onion

• 1 tsp All spice powder

• 1 tsp Raw papaya

• 1 tbsp Yogurt

• 1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste

• 2 tsp Chili powder

• 1/4 tsp Mace

• 1/4 tsp Nutmeg

• 1/2 tsp Cardamom powder

• Oil as much required

• to taste Salt


In chopper, put together 1/2 kg mince, fried onion and 1 tsp raw papaya. Chop well and mix with 1/4 tsp mace powder and 1/4 tsp nutmeg powder. Now add 1 tsp all spice powder, 1 tbsp Yogurt, 1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste, 2 tsp Chili powder, 1/2 tsp Cardamom powder and Salt to taste. Now make round balls and fry in hot oil or grill over burning coals. Serve with chutney.

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Its such a kind of different and easy recipe, so that I can make it easily and it was very great experience for me
By: Ayesha, Form: Quetta, on 08 Jan, 2020
Making gola kabab is one of the best recipe for me because it helps me really much to find out the best recipes in the short time
By: sameen, Form: faislabad, on 30 Aug, 2019
This is so easy method to make this gola kabab dish who looking so delicious and light from masala who I really like to eat that
By: daniyal, Form: multan, on 05 May, 2019
Gola kabab is nice tasty made it is so tasty i'm made with pori paratha
By: Shabana, Form: Lahore, on 30 Jan, 2019
Gola Kabab Recipe It is very yummy and delicious dish. Gola Kabab Recipe Recipe try the home is the best experience for me to get the ultimate taste with my all family we easily get make the Gola Kabab Recipe with the delicious taste as the every child really like to eat and my family eat and was like it.
By: Ayra, Form: Multan, on 24 Sep, 2018
And how can I make it spicy because i don’t have ide how to make spicy of this dish with suitable spices please tell me if anyone know that
By: Hania, Form: Karachi, on 23 Aug, 2018
It is very yummy and delicious dish. Keep on sharing such kind of different and easy recipes so that I can make my in laws happy and satisfied. Thank you very much.
By: Hamida, Form: Gujrat, on 01 Aug, 2018
Because of this recipe, now I am able to make mouthwatering gola kabab at my home by myself. Everybody at my home liked it especially my parents. They praised me a lot for making it
By: kaleem, Form: Sialkot, on 29 Jul, 2018
I think it’s a good way to make healthy and delicious, both at the same time, for my children. I will surely try and will let you know about the taste of gola kabab later.
By: Rameen, Form: Faislabad, on 15 Jul, 2018
I can easily make the Gola Kabab by the helps of this recipe which allow me to know about each ingredients of the recipe with the ultimate method
By: Shazia, Form: Karachi, on 11 Jul, 2018