Prawn Tempura Recipe

Prawn Tempura – Enjoy Prawn Tempura with your favorite Curry! Now you can prepare Prawn Tempura at home with ease. All the ingredients required to prepare it are available on this page. Follow the method accurately to get the perfect taste.


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Aliumair from Karachi
  1. 1) Prawns (large size) : 1kg
  2. 2) Slat: As per taste
  3. 3) Garlic Paste: 1 tsp
  4. 4) White pepper (crushed): 1tsp
  5. 5) Oil for frying
  6. For Batter:
  7. 1) Plain flour (maida): 1cup
  8. 2) Corn flour: 3\4 cup
  9. 3) Egg: 1
  10. 4) Soda water (chilled): As required
  • 1) Shella and devein the prawns, leave the tails for presentation.
  • 2) Make 3 slants cuts in each prawn to keep for shrinking. Marinate them with salt, garic and white pepper and refrigerate for 30 minuts
  • 3) To make the batter, stif both flours together in a bowl. Add egg and soda water to make a thick paste and refrigerate for 10-15 minutes.
  • 4) Heat oil in a fry pan for 3-5 minutes. Dip each prawn inb the batter and deep fry until golden brown or till the prawns are cooked thorougly
  • 5) It is best to fry the prawns in batches to allow the batter to rise fully.
  • 6) Place the prawns on a tissue and serve with stir fried vegetable.
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