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This Recipe is Fantastic! Flaky, succulent, and firm Will make this again I made this recipe tonight utilizing cod filets.I like so particularly was the delightful taste I attempt numerous recipe And I find this recipe Its very simple. "
By: Hifza, Form: Karachi, on 11 May, 2020
Wonderful recipe I did omit all peppers as we no longer eat pepper.
By: Lcla1000, Form: Nowhere, on 09 May, 2020
Hoori Ji Jis Tarike Se Aap Ne fish curry masala Banane ka recipe Bheja hai it is absolutely wrong. Hamesha Pehle chopped Onion ko cooking oil me saute Kiya Jata hai.
By: Saranjit Singh, Form: New Delhi, on 01 Mar, 2020
Fish Curry Masalah when I make it but I like so very much was the delicious taste that we easily make that at home with the lots of spicy and the many more masalah The taste was feel like it was spicy at all with the good taste.
By: Uzma, Form: khi, on 10 Feb, 2020
it is made with lot of spices and the taste of Fish .. taste of Fried Fish is very delicious and nice .. I wanted to try making Lahori fried fish from here with whole recipe
By: Hareem , Form: khi, on 10 Feb, 2020
@Asma you like desi Cock-er don't you?
By: aadmi, Form: Islamabad, on 09 Jan, 2020
It is so amazing . i always eat chicken biryani and beef biryani but Fish biryani i hear first time.. i thinking to made it . its fish flavour is so delicious in biryani.
By: Aqsa, Form: Karachi, on 27 Dec, 2019
I made Fish curry but I did not get a right taste. Now, I will try this fish curry masala recipe.
By: humera, Form: multan, on 26 Nov, 2019
Me and my family love to eat fish. I often make Rohu machli ka salan for my friends and family.
By: naz, Form: rawalpindi, on 26 Nov, 2019
If anyone is searching for Crispy fried fish recipe, then he/she must try this recipe.
By: aslam, Form: rawalpindi, on 26 Nov, 2019

Sea Foods

Seafood Recipes:

Seafood has been an important part of the human diet since the first hunter-gatherers realized they could use fish, shellfish, and other aquatic animals as a food source. As the people started to use seafood as their diet, the number of seafood recipes increased and created an immense impact upon the seafood lovers. Research has depicted that Fish is rich in nutrition and possesses immense health benefits that can help in brain development. Eating Seafood (Machli) Fry & Salan is considered healthy, and doctors suggest adding one portion of fish to your weekly diet in order to cut down the chances of heart attack by half. So here on this page, we provide you with easy and delicious seafood recipes in Urdu from which you may enhance the taste of your dishes and adorn your dining table with impressive seafood.

Seafood & fish recipes in Urdu are easy and less time-consuming dishes because fish, prawns, lobsters, crabs, shrimps, and other seafood items take very less time to get tender and quick to get cooked. Healthy seafood recipes contain crabs soup, fish soup, seafood chowder, garlic prawns and prawn cocktail which is easy to cook and a very healthy meal to consume for the diet lovers. You can also try Italian seafood recipes which include fish steak and pasta with seafood with different kinds of sauces.

Find masses with best seafood recipes in the world which include machli ka salan, fish curry, tawa fish, Lahori fry fish, and finger fish. These are some examples of easy recipes with pictures that you can find easily from our page. Seafood recipes in Urdu are the adornment of this page. In case you are wondering how to cook new styles and flavors of Fish Recipes in Urdu then, this page is surely helpful.

Making boiled fish recipes and low carb seafood recipes are therefore not just pleasing your taste buds but also making you healthy to fight diseases and less time-consuming. In case you are wondering how to cook seafood recipes for a crowd then, this page is surely helpful. Recipes with ingredients and procedures are written in such an easy way that new learners can also make the recipe very smoothly and smartly.

You can sort out the seafood recipes for dinner from this variety of instant fish recipes in Urdu. They are unique, tasty and easy on hands to make and also to remember the recipe. Seafood recipe ideas mostly contain fewer ingredients which led them to be pocket-friendly. provides mixed seafood recipes collection on this page which is scrumptious. Get this mouthwatering seafood recipe in Urdu online on this page and galvanize your taste goblets!