Shami Kabab Recipe

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Shami kabab recipe is the most common Pakistani snack served; it is one of the familiar dishes in Pakistani cuisine, which everyone is fond of. Shami Kabab is made with minced Read More

Shami kabab recipe is the most common Pakistani snack served; it is one of the familiar dishes in Pakistani cuisine, which everyone is fond of. Shami Kabab is made with minced chicken or mostly beef/mutton along with channa daal (split Bengal gram) which is then boiled and grinded. It is basically a thick flat and round in shape spicy and mouth watering patty which is cooked with meat, raw onion, beaten egg and spices.

To cook Shami kababs recipe, all you need to do is shallow fry them and serve them flaming hot with juicy cucumbers, tomatoes and onion salad. Shami kababs are also used in preparation of other starter meals like sandwiches, burger and roll etc.

This sizzling and delicious Shami kababs recipe is to satisfy your taste buds. Now get them prepared with ease at your home in just a couple of spoon flips. The total cooking time is almost one hour in which preparing the meat takes 20 minutes, cooking it takes 40 minutes. You can even store these kababs in your freezers for 15 days and get them fried in just a matter of minutes anytime you crave their crisp and warmth.



boneless beef 1 kg

channa daal 1/2 cup

cinnamon stick 1

large black cardamon 1

whole black peppers 8

dried red chillies whole 10

medium onion 1

ginger 1” piece

garlic 6 cloves


onins 2 small cubes/chopped

corriander leaves

geen chillies

mint leaves

egg 1 or 2(optional)


Boil beef cubes with all the ingredients except the garnishing ones. When the meat is very tender and the water dries grind it finely .Add the garnishing ingredients and make flat rounds. Fry. You may add an egg or two to make kababs that dont break on frying.

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Get the tasty shami kabab with the ultimate taste which is you want for easting the better chicken biryani than before you made
By: sofia, Form: karachi, on 12 Aug, 2019
Here we have the recipe of kabab to make that at home with the new one recipe that the everyone like to eat that
By: seema, Form: islamabad, on 31 Jul, 2019
Mine whole facility really like to eat the kabab who I can make that by this online way easily with the delicious taste .
By: zoya, Form: panjab, on 18 Jul, 2019
The shami kabab makes with the lots of spice and the many more masala that mine whole family eat that very eagerly when I can make it
By: rooma, Form: lahore, on 08 Jul, 2019
Kabab is flavorful and best to serve with naan or roti with podeeny ki chutni which is mouthwatering and tasty.
By: hassan , Form: oldham, on 10 Jun, 2019
I love that recipe that you can freeze and use them later. Shami kabab is that kind of recipe you can freeze it and then fry it whenever you want
By: tabinda, Form: gujrat, on 10 May, 2019
It is lite tasty healthy kabab so very nice recipe good made this.
By: Tooba, Form: Lahore, on 30 Jan, 2019
A Kabab is the most favorite food I always love to eat its unique taste that we easily make that now and love this taste, it is very soft and yummy,Its really easy to cook this homemade.I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy.
By: sadia noor, Form: karachi, on 25 Sep, 2018
The recipe of making the kabab is very easy for me because this recipe is really amazing to have the great and the best ingredients to add in it
By: Qesar, Form: Peshhawar, on 01 Sep, 2018
This shami kabab is looking so delicious in this photo that make the water in mine mouth because it looking so juicy and spicy taste
By: alishba, Form: islamabad, on 06 Aug, 2018