Vegetable Pakora Qourma Recipe By Tahir Chaudhary

Vegetable Pakora Qourma recipe by Tahir Chaudhary. This delightful Main Course recipe of Vegetable Pakora Qourma can be ready in approximately 30 Minutes and good to serve around 2-4 People. Follow all the steps recommended by Chef to get a perfect dish.


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Qanwa from Hyderabad
  1. Oil ½ cup
    Medium sized onion 2
    Garlic paste 1tsp
    Ginger  paste 1 tbsp
    Cloves 3-4
    Green cardamom 3-4
    Salt 1tsp
    Dry coriander powder 1-1/2 tsp
    Red chili powder 1tsp
    Curd 2 cups
    Tara garam masala 1 tsp

    Vegetable pakora ingredients
    Potato 1
    Green chilies 3-4
    Green coriander 2 tbsp
    Medium onion 1
    Cauliflower ½ cup
    Red chili powder 1tsp
    Salt 1tsp
    Dry coriander 1 tbsp
    Gram flour 1-1/2 cup
    Pomegranate seeds 2tbsp
  • Put 1 diced potato,3-4 green chopped chillies,2 tbsp chopped green coriander ,1 small sized onion ,1cup cauliflower florets,1tsp red chili powder,1tsp salt,1tbsp dry coriander ,1-1/2 cup gram flour and 2 tbsp of fresh pomegranate seeds in a bowl and mix well to make batter.
    Heat oil in a pan and with the help of spoon drop the mixture into the oil and fry the dumplings until golden brown.
    Now for qorma fry onion until light brown.
    Add 1 tsp garlic paste,1tbsp ginger paste,3-4 cloves,3-4 green cardamom,1tsp salt,1-1/2 tsp dry coriander powder,1tsp red chili powder,1tsp of tara garam masala and 2 cups of curd .
    Now add some water to form gravy and put vegetable dumplings. Cook on low flame until dumplings tender.
    Delicious Vegetable pakora qourma is ready to serve.
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Please tell its necessary to cook this vagetable pakora with salan as they look in picture. I am looking for simple vegetable iftar recipes and want to make it today.

  • Misbah, Karachi
  • Wed 08 Jun, 2016