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Food and Pakistanis have strong connection. Our delicious Desi food is a part of our culture which we adore the most. No wonder the nation loves to cook and eat variety of mouth watering food. Every occasion or festival is made special with our Pakistani cuisine. Trend of searching recipes online and making them at home is on rise in Pakistan. Housewives dedicate their time and efforts in searching unique mouth watering recipes that can be served to families or guests.

On the basis of our search data for the year 2017, we have categorized most searched recipes on HamariWeb.

Homemade Cake Recipes without Oven - View Recipe

Those who have sweet tooth and love baking but don’t have the facility of oven, preferred to search for homemade cake recipes without oven during the year 2017. The recipe gives the ultimate solution to women living in remote area where electric and gas ovens or baking skills are not very popular. People living in villages do not have the facility of an oven to bake. Such simple and delicious without oven recipes serve as a solution in this regard. This recipe was viewed 23950 times across Pakistan clinching the first spot.

Tandoori Club Sandwich - View Recipe

Tandoori Club Sandwich recipe by Shireen Anwar is second on our list. This recipe comes from the expertise of renowned chef Shireen Anwar. Tandoori Club Sandwich is a delicious snack that can be consumed at tea time. This recipe from Shireen Anwar received immense appreciation, and is therefore second on our list with 9241 page views.


Zarda - View Recipe

Zarda Recipe by Zubaida Tariq is third on our list with 9117 page views. Zarda is one of the popular deserts from Pakistani cuisine made with rice. It is a perfect desi dessert that is loved and consumed by masses on every dawat. Coming from the expertise of Zubaida Tariq is way more note worthy. Women love to try her recipes and this one is definitely an ultimate favorite.


Fish Fingers with Fries - View Recipe

Fish Fingers with Fries recipe by Shireen Anwar is surely one of the most tempting delight of the winter season. Fish Fingers served with French Fries are a perfect combo of taste and health which can be consumed for lunch, or even as a snack. This recipe remained one of the most searched in 2017 with 7378 page visits.

Pizza without Oven - View Recipe

Another “Without Oven” recipe makes it to fifth spot in our list. Just like cake, you can even make pizza without oven! Isn’t it exciting? Children and adults both love pizza and those who don’t have oven functional can still make pizza without oven at home by following this amazing recipe. Visitors searched this recipe almost 7085 times online.

Gajar Ka Halwa - View Recipe

Gajar ka Halwa recipe by Zubaida Tariq is on the sixth spot with 6874 page views. Gajar ka Halwa is the winter delight that has been loved and consumed by Pakistanis. The recipe from renowned cooking expert Zubaida Tariq received immense appreciation, as huge number of women searched it online.

White Biryani - View Recipe

White Biryani Recipe from Chef Shireen Anwar is one of the finest Desi recipes which received immense appreciation and has been viewed 5239 times during 2017. Pakistani nation is biryani lover and therefore, any variation gets immense attention. White Biryani is unique from the traditional one and has a different taste.

Spicy Chicken Broast - View Recipe

Chicken Broast recipe by Zubaida Tariq has also made it to the list with 4916 page views. The recipe is immensely popular among masses and is easily prepared at home.

Chicken Malai Handi - View Recipe

Chicken Malai Handi Recipe is surely one of the most regarded Pakistani dishes that can be prepared at every home. Women like to try this recipe and therefore searched tremendously for almost 4528 times during 2017.

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