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This akhbar-e- jahan is very old newspaper but now many peoples are use this newspaper especially the old peoples read that
saba, lahoreMonday, January 30 2017

This website has the great opportunity for all the newspaper lovers who like to read the newspapers every day and this website helps them for doing it
Arham, MultanFriday, January 27 2017

I have many books of akhbar-e-jahan and by this site I get the every latest information about their book which I can read that some times
noreen, lahoreWednesday, January 25 2017

Akhbar E Jehan is Urdu Magazine of Pakistan region Asia. Akhbar E Jehan is very popular in Pakistan and is being published from different cities of Pakistan. It is one of the most trusted Magazine of Pakistan.
azmat, karachiTuesday, January 24 2017

A great website where you can easily check the news of our daily routine something which happens in our country nowadays and more things
Jamal, KarachiTuesday, January 24 2017

This is the great website where you can find out the great news on the daily bases because I am using it and I have the great experience with this website
Hanzila, KarachiSunday, January 22 2017

This akhbar-e-jahan is the most older newspaper when I was just a child so I was reading this newspaper very eagerly because in this newspaper available the many interesting things like a game available
ashra, gujratThursday, January 19 2017

Akhbar-e-jahan is one of the best newspaper in Pakistani because it is very old newspapers and anybody can read this news paper
uroosa, karachiSaturday, September 17 2016

This is the easiest way to get the authentic website Url from this page just copy it and go with the link where you want authentically and easily
Asghar, KarachiWednesday, September 07 2016

Akhbar-e-Jehan is subscribed by my mother on weekly basis. We receive it at our home and cost is also minimal. All those who are looking for a decent family magazine that gives you news, entertainment, interviews all in one can surely check out this magazine.
Uzma, KarachiFriday, September 02 2016

AKHBAR-E-JEHAN is the Largest circulated Urdu Family Magazine of Pakistan. You can find regular columns on health, beauty, fashion and other thinks in akhbar e jehan. Read online akhbar e jehan .
Akbar, KarachiMonday, August 29 2016

My grandmother is a huge fan of Akhbar e Jehan. She used to read it on weekly basis. Our newspaper hawker drops it on weekly basis. Browse the website link of Akhbar e Jehan for more information and details.
Yahseen, KarachiWednesday, June 22 2016

I especially like the beauty tips session in Akhbar e Jehan magazine but I noted the standard of stories in this magazine is not much good as compare to the previous.
almas, khiFriday, May 20 2016

Akhbar e Jahan is very popular magazine in the woman, the reason of its fame that every things are available in this magazine which women wants in a magazine, I like the stories.
fatima, khiFriday, April 29 2016

For the girls and women, Akhbar-e-jahan is a great portal where she can check any latest fashion as well the stories from this page is very popular.
ghazal, khiMonday, April 25 2016

Akhbar e jahan is the most famous magazine by jang group. My whole family really like this magazine because it based on my session like recipes, beauty tips including the interviews of any celebrity.
naghma, khiTuesday, April 05 2016

Akhbar-ejahan is the most famous magazine which I really like because I eager to read the stories as well I eager to cook different dishes with the help of the recipes in this magazine.
saleem, khiMonday, March 21 2016

Akhbar-e-Jehan is my grand mother's favorite magazine and she loves to read it during leisure time and before sleeping. We have subscribed this magazine at home. Akhbar-e-Jehan contains detailed information about various stuff happening in the world.
Kamran, KarachiWednesday, March 09 2016

The stories in Akhbar-e-Jahan is very long but I really like the stories that is why I purchase this novel. I also like to read the interviews of the celebrities in this magazine.
rashid, khiSunday, March 06 2016

We have subscribed for Akhbar-e-Jehan magazine as my grand mother reads it. You can get interviews, news, and stories in this magazine and it never leaves you bored. I am thinking to start reading it for gaining information and entertainment at the same time.
Tahir Ahmed, LahoreMonday, February 01 2016

I like akhbar e jehan
Rafaqat Ali , Faisalabad Sunday, November 01 2015

Akhbar-e-jahan is the magazine which my whole family like, I am the poetry lovers in which I read poetry and my wife is eager to read stories. When I missed to buy it I open the link through internet.
amina, khiWednesday, October 14 2015

The standard of the stories in Akhbar-e-jahan is not like the stories which I read previous but it is still my favorite megazine, some times I read the poetry session of this magazine.
nadia, islMonday, October 12 2015

Akhbar-e-Jehan is my favorite magazine and I have been following it since past few years. My mother and grandma also reads it. I have subscribed the magazine after checking out the useful information about it online from your page.
Javeria, KarachiWednesday, October 07 2015

how can i post my poetry in akhbar-e-jahan?
Azra, peshawarMonday, September 21 2015

Those Akhbar-e-jahan which was famous due to the literature which was lovely but now a days the standard of akhbar-e-jahan is not much which I like specially the stories of it is not much which I want.
aliya, khiTuesday, September 15 2015

Akhbare Jahan contains many good and interesting stories which I read in my leisure time. It is the only magzine I read when I get free time.
Farhana, LahoreTuesday, September 15 2015

Akhbar-e-Jehan alot of memory this this book when i was in college this was my favorite time pass, i read whole Akhbar-e-Jehan with 2 or 3 days every single story and news.
najeeb, karachiMonday, September 14 2015

My grand mother loves to read Akhbar-e-Jehan, therefore we have subscribed it. Hawker delivers us on weekly basis. I have read few sections of it and its truly amazing. I am a big fan of Akhbar-e-Jehan now. It is a good time pass
Imran Khan, KarachiMonday, September 07 2015

Akhbar e Jahan is now publishing boring stories these days. I don’t find them interesting to read.
Wajid, KarachiSaturday, September 05 2015

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