Geo News - Electronic Media of Pakistan will remain glorious with Geo News, the premier news and current affairs channel of the country. Geo News is not just a news channel it is a considered to be the Face of Pakistan as it is most followed and subscribed Pakistani news channel on international forum. People love to listen and debate on the talk shows of Hamid Mir, Sohail Warraich, Najam Sethi, and Shahzeb Khanzada. Geo News is most watched and trusted Urdu news channel based in Karachi. It is owned and operated by Jang Group, the largest media group of Pakistan. People believe that Geo News Live TV has always delivered them true image of Current Affairs, Breaking News, and News headlines. Geo News is a trend setter and one of the most trusted news TV not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Geo News was launched in 2002. The talk shows of Geo News are still far popular from the other channels. Some of the remarkable shows of Geo are very famous like Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath, Capital Talk, Aik din geo Kay Saath, Jawaab Deh, Jirga, Khabarnaak to name a few. Some of the renowned hosts and anchors of Geo News are Hamid Mir, Shahzeb Khanzada, Saleem Safi, Sohail Warraich to name a few. Watch Geo News live streaming online for all the latest updates, top stories, breaking news, and Geo news bulletin. Watch live Geo News coverage of petrol crisis, current political turmoil and foreign affairs only on Checkout latest developments live only on Geo TV News live.

Geo News

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Reviews & Comments on Geo News

good channel
lopki, wah Monday, May 25 2015

i love geo news
faheem jani, peshawar Monday, May 25 2015

I endorse fully Mr.Harry of Dubai.
Zulfiqar Mirza's allegations on Asif Ali Zardi just like a "SOUND IN THE DESERT". Who can arrest God of Evils? Zardari is the man of Army's, Agencies', Politicians', Moulvies' Judges' God Father. How can they arrest their own God Father............ Yes, it is possible for them to arrest & kill Zulfiqar Mirza to shut his mouth up forever and it will be done in near future.Asad ali Karachi
Asad Ali, Karachi
Asad Ali, Karachi Monday, May 25 2015

Mr. Najam Sethi I have seen your segment Appas ki Baat of today dt.25/15 concerning excesses force used against Model Town Lahore incident in which so many innocent peace full protesters killed by Punjab government organized terror squad. My request to you not to pose yourself very clever cunning guy to protect high official of Punjab government you should accept this that claim of Dr.Tahir ul Qadri to hang high official including CM and PM during that time.
mohamad, karachiat Monday, May 25 2015

Ahmadkhan, athnes Monday, May 25 2015

i love geo news. aur me geo news aik report dena chahti hon please ap os admi ko zaror media ma laye ga. aik admi hai jo k pasror rehta hai aur woh amil hai aur woh bohet bury tawez karta hai aur lakhon rupy leta hai logo say os nay hamara jina mushkil kiya hoa please ap meri bat sun lijye ga aur osy pakry.
arooj, islamabad Monday, May 25 2015

Hello Geo! You owe the most open mindedness.It is requested to your good team and workers to convey the people that they may not be so insomniacs of cricket at the level to do absolutely ignore the dreadful circumstances to which the center of Islam is Facing and the Muslims as well.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Monday, May 25 2015

My request to the management of GEO to make in detail documentary program with slide show on the Terrorism spreading by RAW and so many other International agency's against Pakistan. Today i have seen in other TV channel that Indian official met some hardcore terror organization and to equipped them with most dangerous weapons of mass destruction which are made in India but they marked on those weapons from our country. Being a well reputed TV channel GEO, if you broadcast this than I think world wide peoples comes to know Indian terror program.
AAA, karachiat Monday, May 25 2015

My bast Chanel geo news I love you geo
ayaz.dar, muzaffarabad Sunday, May 24 2015

Thanks to the all concerned government authorities whose brave decision has banned notorious statements of Altaf Hussain, the head of a ethnic group, on TV channels. This person should be brought to Pakistan & tried in courts & punished for all his illegal activities.
Parvez Ishfaq , Faisalabad Sunday, May 24 2015

The advertisment for joblee is a big headach, please put plugs to reduce sound & skip it. it is totaly disturbing for viewerss.
Babar, Lahore Sunday, May 24 2015

The Geo is a Family Channel. It's all plays & programmes are informative.

geo is best
sajid jabar, gujranwala Sunday, May 24 2015

sindh m police kb theek hogy mirza k issue se maum horha h k police kt potli h ye in tahi gour tlb bat h
sidra, badin Sunday, May 24 2015

I like bol tv geo your time is over.
bolwalad, nowshera Saturday, May 23 2015

I like Geo news
Hafiz Waseem Rana, kasur Saturday, May 23 2015

No one can compete with Geo. I love Geo. Hamesha Geo
a.ghaffar, lhr Saturday, May 23 2015

banigala main jhagra 10 say zaid zakhmi
zille abbasi, banigala islamabad Saturday, May 23 2015

Hello Geo! Fore ever you will live.We are all on journey from world toward the Eternity.Often I see the most valuable Teachings of Islam.On the top of the first page of The Jang News.Please record this Hadees for mass benefit.Narrated by Maaz Bin Jabal that Holy Prohet(s.a.w) said,"Near the end of time you will see most of the people give outwardly the impression of devotion and friendship to each others but really they will be enemy of each other."The Companions of Prophet(s.a.w.) put up the question."Why it be occurred so" The Holy Prophet(s.a.w) replied.,"Its reason will be fear and greediness."
Abdullah, kalabat swabi pakistan Saturday, May 23 2015

i like geo news because ye her bt ko detail se biyaan krta hai
iqra, sialkot Saturday, May 23 2015

Geo news is very bad chael
Maliha, Islamabad Friday, May 22 2015

Geo is best
malik saed, attock Friday, May 22 2015


Sorry, please discard my comment for Mohammad Aamir. He is in the team against Zambabuay Just i come to know in the score segment GEO News.
mohamad, karachiat Friday, May 22 2015

Any body can tell me why Mohammad Amir is not included in the team against Zambabuay ,I think he already done his restriction period which was imposed on him five years before.
mohamad, karachiat Friday, May 22 2015

Geo is the Best
pia, FQR Friday, May 22 2015

i love geo news very very much geo to aisay ...............
Nouman Sharif, Kamoke gujranwala Friday, May 22 2015

I like GEO News network
But some people post very bad comet on our cricket why!!!
Mohammad As if chaudhry, khanqah sharif Thursday, May 21 2015

i like too much geo news
imtiaz ahmed, multan Thursday, May 21 2015

kalat balochistan me wapda walon ne her feeder per monthly six lak rupeea fixed kadia hae aur us feeder ki bijili 16 ghntah nahi jata,is se app khud andaza lagahen k wapda me kitna cruption hain,lekin govt tv per mosalsal ishtihar de rah hae k bijili ki choree se bacho,lekin khud wapda k grad 1 se lekar 20 grad tak sub chuor aur crupt hain govt qiun action nae leta
kamaran, kharan balochistan Thursday, May 21 2015

Geo News - Geo Television Network is a Pakistan based entertainment channel owned by Mir Khalil Ur Rehman became official in October 2002. Geo Television Network is a part of renowned newspaper publication “Jang Group”. The ideology behind the Geo Television Network is “Geo Aur Jeenay Do.”

Geo News is not just a news channel it is a considered to be the Face of Pakistan as it depicts the image of Pakistan on International forum. No other Pakistani news channel is popular in international audience other than Geo News. People love to listen and debate on the talk shows of Hamid Mir and Sohail Warraich. Whether it’s General Election 2013 or PTI Protest on rigging in the Elections 2013, current political turmoil, Peshawar School Carnage or reports on the energy crisis, Geo News has the lead in broadcasting the news as it happens.

Since last few years Geo News faced serious allegations and accusations from Government and Judiciary. If we recall the very first incident took place in State of Emergency 2007 when the Musharraf government completely banned broadcasting of Geo News. The programs Capital Talk and Meray Mutabiq were banned by the Dubai government on special request from the Pakistan Government. Geo News was again targeted in 2009 for vigorously promoting the 'Lawyer's Movement' and the 'Long March' and constantly going against the running government for several years. The recent incidents of attack on Geo’s senior anchor Hamid Mir in Karachi changed the entire scenario of Pakistani media and its image locally and internationally. The channel was highly criticized for blaming and accusing Inter Services Intelligence and it’s Director General Zaheer-ul-Islam for attempted assassination of Hamid Mir. This resulted in suspension of Geo News License by PEMRA for 15 days.

Despite the controversies the channels regained its popularity in the electronic media, being the largest channel in Pakistan. According to Gallup Pakistan, Geo News ranked second in the list of Top 20 channels in terms of viewership in 2013 (data: Jan – June 2013). It gained popularity and public support due to its highly professional news channel, anchors, talk shows, and debate. People prefer to watch Geo News for any Breaking News instead of BBC or CNN. People have faith on Geo News as it has always delivered them true information of current affairs, breaking news, and Geo News headlines. Geo News is a trend setter and one of the most trusted news channel TV not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

This page can be searched by Geo News Urdu Live TV, Geo News updates, geo news live streaming, and Geo News Bulletin.


Geo has made remarkable progress and development in the media spectrum with its ground breaking expertise in current affair shows, news, entertainment, sports, and music. It has excelled in all domains of electronic media. Renowned TV channels of Geo are Geo Entertainment, Geo News, Geo Super, Geo Tez, and Geo Kahani. Each of these channels is unique, informative, and entertaining for its viewers.

Famous Shows

There is diverse range of Geo Television shows related to entertainment, dramas, comedy, current affairs, talk shows, sports shows that gained popularity and acknowledgement from masses. These shows have directed the true image of Pakistan to the audience in terms of culture, political, social, and economic scenarios. The Geo TV Morning Show is now hosted by Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain. Some of the most talked about shows of Geo News TV are:

Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada kay sath

A new addition to Geo News is this show titled “Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada kay Sath”. This show is based on the issues that combine fast paced news, undivided analysis and stories that make headlines. Hosted by a vigorous and honest host, Shahzeb Khanzada, this show combines the news format of the future; fast paced news and in-depth analysis. The show telecasts from Monday—Thursday @ 10:05 PM. You can watch Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada kay sath online on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Aik Din Geo kay Saath

Avail the chance of getting personal with powerful celebrities, politicians, social personalities and influential individuals as GEO News takes you on a journey to spend a day with your favorite stars, politicians, musicians, sportsmen, and athletes. Get to know the people behind the personalities on Aik Din Geo Kay Saath, with your favorite host Sohail Warraich. The show telecasts on Friday @ 07:05pm and repeat telecasts on Saturday 05:30am and 09:05am. You can watch Aik Din Geo kay sath online on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Capital Talk is one of the oldest and popular shows of Geo News. It looks at the challenges, issues and concerns faced by Pakistan. The format of the show includes a panel of renowned personalities and dignitaries who participate in a dialogue which contributes towards reaching feasible and practical solutions. Capital Talk caters the two sides of the coin for every issue to have a clear picture. It telecasts from Monday to Thursday at 8:05 pm hosted by Hamid Mir. You can watch Capital Talk live and online on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Aapas Ki Baat

Aapas ki Baat is a fast paced live show of Geo News that is based on the news updates and current happenings over the national and international arena. Hosted by veteran journalist Najam Sethi along with Muneeb Farooq. The show telecasts from Friday to Sunday at 8:00pm–9:00pm. You can watch Apas ki Baat online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.


Khabarnaak is the entertaining show of Geo TV News based on the essential characters with different and opposing backgrounds that come together and discuss the pros and cons of our society in a humorous manner. The show telecasts from Thursday – Sunday at 11:05 pm. You can watch Khabarnaak online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.


Jirga is a debatable show of Geo News TV that discusses every important issue related to politics, economy, sociology, religion and international relations. The basic purpose of the show is to provide the most feasible solution to critical after a logical discussion with all stake holders. The show is hosted by Saleem Safi and is telecast on Saturday & Sunday 10:05pm. You can watch Jirga online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.