Ary News - One of the pioneer channels of private sector, ARY Digital Network is serving the entertainment and current affairs needs of the Pakistani audience. This page is based on the News and Current Affairs wing of the channel. Dubai-based Pakistani news and current affair channel ARY News begun its operation in 2004. The name of channel consists of acronym of ARY Group late founder Abdul Razzak Yaqoob. The ideology of the channel is to keep their viewers “Har Lamha Ba-khabar”. The main cause behind the glory of notable ARY News Live is their vast range of significant insights on affairs varying from current Business, Politics, Fashion and Weather revise, and people most likely to watch ARY News instead of watching other news channels because ARY News tries to provide their viewers each aspect of present affairs with cloaked facts. Catch the comprehensive news coverage, hourly bulletin, hot political debates, and exclusive live updates every hour only on ARY News Live. The channel offers you wide range of news coverage and top stories trending from politics, business, culture, terrorism, world politics, finance, money and stock market to fashion entertainment and weather updates.

You can watch ARY News live streaming on We serve you news as it happens. Valid, authentic, and focused news coverage is forte of ARY News. You can rely on this channel blindly. ARY News Live always comes to first position especially for breaking news which matter most to their audience. Several kinds of program related to politics, business or entertainment telecast on ARY News includes Sar-e-Aam Off the Record, Khara Sach, Jurm Bolta Hai and many more. HamariWeb gives you the opportunity to catch live updates of local and international current political scenario. Checkout the latest developments live only on

Sar –e- Aam Flag ship show of ARY News, the show gained immense popularity due to live coverage of some controversial events that causes stir among masses. The show hosted by popular ARY News host Iqrar ul Haq. He portrays the social taboos that are prevailing in our society. The show faced severe allegations and aggression from authorities, but it still remains eye candy for everyone. Catch the live streaming on

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Sanam appi ap ka show bhuhat acha ha aur ap bhuhat achi lag rahi hain
Ahmer, Lahore Wednesday, May 27 2015

Hinna behn MQM is now party of All pakistan, please don,t use word Muhjir now we all are Pakistani now. Jeay Altaf keh do saff saff
Khalid Bhaee, Karachi Wednesday, May 27 2015

all ok channel but at single time multisreen facility for selection of channel is not availble
khalid Mehmood Hameedi, karachi pakistan Wednesday, May 27 2015

Arif Hameed Bhatti saheb us news ka koi follow up nahi diya jo aap ne breaking news di thi ki Lahore Airport par 20 Kg Gold aur 3 Carore pakde gai the.
asrar, karachi Tuesday, May 26 2015

when and where Rauf Klasra appears on ARy
javeid, LAHORE Tuesday, May 26 2015

Lawyer is the big badmash. Ch Iftikhar ke padiash. Police waly kia sirf mar khany ky lia hoty hn. lanat hy wakeelon par.
hamid, Islamabad Tuesday, May 26 2015

Jb tk Pakistani Awaam Shirk(QBR PARTI, MELAY THELAY) nein chore gaee ALLAH ki maar prte rhege, Imandar, Tauheed, Watan se pyar krege to ALLAH ki mdd b hoge aur Zalim Hakmrano se Nijat b milege. Pehle apne aap se Mukhlis hona prega.......................
Naeem Mughal, Doha Qatar Tuesday, May 26 2015

ISMAEEL, karachi Tuesday, May 26 2015

why lawyers go to thana , the lawyers are also law breakers it self in this particular case, they should use law procedures in our opinion.
citizen, kcy Tuesday, May 26 2015

Dr.Danish OR Mr.Bhatti saheb. I am a Human Right Commissioner in NY.
Pakistan's only problem is current current Political system.which is a
Iqtidiar Mafia.govern by ,zardi & son,Mian brothers Ltd.Altaf overseas ltd.
Molvi inter prize.Which produce nothing but target killers.lets's bring One man one vote system which elect Head of provincial,Head,Mayors,senators..Combine 2 existing divisions,which make 17-18 provinces.2 three year terms limit for every elected official
Chairman:Save Pakistan Reform 570-764-1050
zakir siddiqui, New York.USA Tuesday, May 26 2015

Weldone ARY News for highlighting Axact scandal.We the six teachers of Pakistan International school Jeddah are already fighting a case in Saudi Supreme Cour against illegal online Degree of the Chairman of our school governing Board who was selected by the pformer Ambassador.We won the case but officials are not taking action against it because he was a selectee of former Ambassador.I already send inbox msg to Kashif Abbasi and Waseem Badami with degrees in their box on Fb.Hoping these degrees will be highlighted as have the same source
Raja Iqbal, Jeddah Saudi Arabia Tuesday, May 26 2015

Great news channel
Shawal, Gujrat Monday, May 25 2015

Pakistan wants peace in the world but on other hand India force Pakistan to to do what ever Pakistan does not want to do.Supporting terrorism in the region is not in the favor of any one.These terrorist are not friends of any one,they are like snakes and always bite one who fed them.If India thinks that they will keep continue their struggle to destabilize Pakistan and they will disintegrate it,i think they are wrong to think so. The way india is killing innocent people in paksitan will witness the same in their own country not because of pakistan but those who are hired by them to kill people in pakisntan will not useful to them and they stop their support,will turn toward them.thats why i think india shuld think about thier policy toward pakstan and change it before it is too late.than it is like its useless to cry over spilled milk.
tahir, pakistan Monday, May 25 2015

It is early of the morning. I opened the certain TV Stations .I find the warm debate on the cricket play.Those who have extreme love with cricket are totally ignorant from the most alarming circumstances occurring in the Most Holy place of Islam.It is requested to all those sisters and brothers in Islam who are well versed ofIslam to arrange the pray."O Allah we seek thy aid from all grievances and anxieties."
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistin Monday, May 25 2015

Mr. Danish your program of today dt.May25/15 is punch seal on Indian Terror plan against Pakistan. Mr. Faisal Raza Abidi you are real Soldier your information and research program is so informative and real but, Pakistan so unfortunate that our 99% politician are bunch of corrupt, opportunist, and Munafiq guys. Allah kher kray Pakistan "Aameen"
AAA, Karachiat Sunday, May 24 2015


Apna sound system theek kren . awaz phati hue hy.
Naseem , Kala Gujran Jhelum Sunday, May 24 2015

Activities of Axact has proved many things: the concerned authorities were sleeping and will keep on sleeping; the fake degree holders have made fortune and will keep on doing so; ; the judiciary has been delaying dispense of Justice and will keep on doing so; the Media has been and will expose the mall practices with no positive result as the Govt has decided to turn deaf ear to Media howling. All Govt deptts and civilian institutions are bent upon setting new records in every field i,e,. fraud, lies, corruption, inefficiency, nepotism and favoritism. What a shame for all of us!!
sarwar, lahore Sunday, May 24 2015

east or wast afridi

is beast

iftikhar, karachi Sunday, May 24 2015

This is a good sign for ary news to kick out Mubashar luqman from his team
SYED iftikhar, Bhiria city sindj Sunday, May 24 2015

No more streaming in US? issue all the time
Adil, San Jose Sunday, May 24 2015

what happened today in Karachi outside high court by SSU police with ARY reporters reminds me of what happened in Lahore against PTI . This unholy alliance of NWAZ league and PPP is casting a dark shadow on the state of PAKISTAN POLICE . The reason is ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY . There are no checks and balances because everyone is trying to make as much money as possible . I feel sad today .
mohammed nazir, luton england Sunday, May 24 2015

Mubashhar luqman sab kedar ho i like your porgam
qaisar, athens gareec Saturday, May 23 2015

must think all..agar tv talkshow me tamam mehmano se live quran per half len ke wo such bolenge to pher sub ka patta chal gaega .pakistan inshalla ta qiamet abad rahe ga . es ko nuqsan pohnchane wale inshallah hamare samne tabah honge.inshallah
shah mohammad, barcelona Saturday, May 23 2015

We appreciate ARY's efforts by presenting the programmes of Sar-e-Aam and Criminal Most wanted. Wonderful channel indeed. But where is Mubashar Luqman? I love him.
Ghulam Mustafa , Sialkot Saturday, May 23 2015

WAZIR, karachi Saturday, May 23 2015

If Police went to Zulfiqar Mirza's home and back without arrest him is QUESTION MARK?
ISMAEEL, karachi Saturday, May 23 2015

QADEER ZAHID, ELLAH ABAD Friday, May 22 2015

salam ary since yesterday no vedio means no pic voice only pls take note
mohammad jamil hamid, kuala lumpur malaysia Friday, May 22 2015

This cricket match is a test of new intelligence war. This is intelligence war era and this department is deciding the win and defeat even prior to war on ground. This message has gone to Indian HINDUSI regime, this is not 1971, now PAK ARMY is ready to deal with inside and outside enemy simultaneously. Enemy has launched hidden dirty war with the help of his intelligence agencies but now it is turn of Pakistan to send reply to enemy fifty times faster and rapidly to give him the reply of hidden intelligence war of fifty years, right after the war of 1965. I.A war will decide, who is capable and who is slacken to defend. Black sheep, traitors should not get control like 1971.
Khalid Shaikh, Saudi Arab Thursday, May 21 2015

Indian HINDUSI regime has been defaming the PAK ARMY since 1965 and trying to destabilize Pakistan, especially Balochistan. If one is not agree he should go back the history of 1971, enemy has successfully used our inside angry masses against Pakistan. Now this plot has been clear to Pakistan that enemy is defaming PAK ARMY and trying to spread violence in Pakistan and especially in Balochistan. Be careful for HINDUSI regime. Nowadays it is not difficult to trace any person by the help of computer, who come traitors, criminals and terrorists will escape. Now fresh policy of Pakistan is ZERO tolerance with the agents of enemy and traitors. Intelligence agencies have been watching the game of HINDUSI regime and Pakistan has had tried several times to live with peace but they are proud of power.
Khalid Shaikh, Saudi Arab Thursday, May 21 2015

ARY News - We reside in the world where people are looking for Breaking News or hourly news bulletin every time and everywhere. ARY News formerly known as ARY One World is a subsidiary of ARY Digital Network is officially fulfilling this purpose since September 2004.

ARY News is a prominent name in the spectrum of news and current affairs channels. It is devoted to make their subscribers "Har Lamha Bakhabar". ARY News operates with exclusive network of over 700 journalists and other correspondents across the globe. The channel is treasured with rich archive library with exclusive recording. ARY News Bulletin is telecast on hourly basis and is followed by millions of people.

It is renowned for its hot and exclusive current affair shows presented by some of the prominent Pakistani journalists. The variety of show mix makes it a strong arm of ARY News Live. The genre of shows features news, current affairs, and infotainment. The strength of ARY News Live includes top rated anchors hosts for instance, P.J. Mir, Javed Malik, Ayaz Amir, Faeza Dawood, Sadaf Jabbar, Kashif Abbasi and Aasma Shirazi. Famous shows of ARY News includes Off Record, Criminals Most Wanted, Pakistan Tonight, Sawal Yeh Hai, Khara Sach to name a few.

Get informed and updated with ARY News live streaming here. You can watch ARY News Live coverage of Peshawar School Incident, petrol crisis online. The exclusive coverage of popular top stories, breaking news and much more is available on HamariWeb.Popular Shows

Khara Sach

The most popular show of ARY News that is responsible to drag in audience from its abrupt and to the point authentic content. The show is hosted by Mubashir Lucman, a well known host, and analyst who is popular for critically analyzing government. Recently, Mubashir Lucman conducted the interview of Imran Khan and Reham Khan after their marriage. You can watch Khara Sach online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Sar e Aaam

Another popular show of ARY News is Sar e Aaam hosed by Iqrar ul Hassan. The show is based on the concept of identifying the social evils that are hidden from the eyes of law and justice and damages the social structure of the country. The show has successfully telecasts the on spot evidence of several crimes in the show. You can watch Sar e Aaam online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

The Morning Show with Sanam Baloch

Unlike other morning shows, this one is unique, interesting and entertaining. Hosted by chulbully and talented actress Sanam Baloch, she adds flavors of life to the show. It contains gossips, celebrity guests, discussion, and loads of laughter. You can watch The Morning Show with Sanam Baloch online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.