Ary News - The urge of an active current affairs channel in Pakistan is the need of time. ARY News Live, the news and current affairs wing of ARY Digital Network is performing the responsibilities perfectly well since 2004. Dubai based Pakistani news channel, ARY News live has broken the records of popularity during 2014 when the channel broadcast some eye opening shows based on reality, discussing the political turmoil and criticizing the government.

The ideology of the channel is to keep their viewers “Har Lamha Ba-Khabar”. The main cause behind the glory of notable ARY News Live is their vast range of significant insights on affairs varying from current Business, Politics, Fashion and Weather revise, and people most likely to watch ARY News instead of watching other news channels because ARY News tries to provide their viewers each aspect of present affairs with cloaked facts. Catch the comprehensive news coverage, hourly bulletin, hot political debates, and exclusive live updates every hour only on ARY News Live. The channel offers you wide range of news coverage and top stories trending from politics, business, culture, terrorism, world politics, finance, money and stock market to fashion entertainment and weather updates.

ARY News anchors broadcasts shows based on hot topics, and realities of the society that are harsh yet important to discuss. Some of the prominent names are Iqrar-ul Hassan, Waseem Badami, Fizza Saleem, Kashif Abbasi, Sadaf Abdul Jabbar, Dr. Danish, and Amir Ghauri to name a few. The professionalism of these anchors in presenting the programs has given the prior lead to the channel. You can watch ARY News live streaming on We serve you news as it happens. Valid, authentic, and focused news coverage is forte of ARY News. You can rely on this channel blindly. ARY News Live always comes to first position especially for breaking news which matter most to their audience. Several kinds of program related to politics, business or entertainment telecast on ARY News includes Sar-e-Aam Off the Record, Jurm Bolta Hai, Off the Record, The Morning Show with Sanam Baloch, Sawal Yeh Hai, 11th Hour, Criminals Most Wanted, Power Play and many more. HamariWeb gives you the opportunity to catch live streaming and updates of local and international current affairs on ARY News. Checkout the latest developments live only on

11th Hour- It is a comeback show of one of the renowned anchor in Pakistan, Waseem Badami. He is back with a bang to host and present a unique show titled “11th Hour”. The aim of the show is to conduct more in depth analysis on current affairs of Pakistan. The show is broadcast LIVE in the weekdays from Monday to Thursday at 11:05PM. The show features hot debates, and grilling questions of the host with the guests etc. Catch the live streaming of ARY News Live on to watch your favorite shows online.

ARY News Live

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Very good news and very good Entertenment
M umair, gojra Wednesday, October 07 2015

wel done arshad sharif pti funding yahodi or indain goverment dayte hy yeh bata kar arshad sharif ne kamal kar diya pti walon ab jawab tu du k tumhari tehreq kis tarhan chal rahe kahan s paisa aa raha hy sab clear karo jeey altaf hussain bhae love you bhae.
hina siddiqui , khi aziza baad. Wednesday, October 07 2015

Assalamualikum waseem badami sahab,
Kindly 1 news per nazr e sani kijye jo geo news channel per dikha rahe hain saddar k area akber road per ali moosa bldg k kabza mafia ki kindly please waha k rehne wale logon se mil lijye aur yaqeen na aaye phir sari gali k 500 se zyaada logon ki gawai se aap ko pata chal jaye kaun malik hay aur kaun fraud kindly please kisi zimedaar aur aap jaisa samjhdaar insaan ja k survey kar le k irfan ahmed kaun hay, inshaAllah ghareeb families k ghar bhi bach jayein gay, aur geo k sath mil k jo irfan ahmedne game ki hay sari duniya k saamne aajaye gi inshaAllah,Allah sab per reham kare aameen
taufiq rafiq, karachi Tuesday, October 06 2015

ye india ki polesi hae who pakistan team ko tanha karna chata hae inshallah asif bilal clear hojaengy
Rizwan ul zaman, manjhi pur balochistan Tuesday, October 06 2015

top channel in pakistan keep it up.
imran, canada Tuesday, October 06 2015

ary news z ever best n also ArY DIGITAL.
imran, canada Tuesday, October 06 2015

my best channel ARY news . i like beacuse this is tru
Abbas, parma (italy) Monday, October 05 2015

Allah Pak Mard e Mujahid Gen Raheel Shareef Sahib ko Fehm o frasat aor Lambi umer de
Khushi Muhammad, Shinkiari Monday, October 05 2015

good job nice
wepk, lahore Monday, October 05 2015

President General Musharraf is not involved in the murder of Benazir Bhutto. Chief Justice of Pakistan should investigate who is the most beneficiary of her death. Only one person who is the beneficiary is Corrupt Zardari. Basically he planned his marriage with Benazir keeping in his mind one agenda. How he can use his marriage to get maximum benefit. He accomplished all of his dreams from marriage. His entire family & friends are enjoying and looting money as much possible. Zardar never loved his wife nor his children's. His iman is only money. He also planned muder of Murtaza Bhutto. What he did with PPP, this party is now limited to Sindh and in future elections to few seats only. That will be the end of PPP.
Mustafa Noor Khan, Abu Dhabi. Monday, October 05 2015

I watched partially a few serials and have comments. 1- in one serial widowed pregnant women is asked again and again to get married ,Pakistan has Muslim laws and according to it a pregnant woman can not marry as her idat after divorce or husbands death ends only after the birth of the child. 2- word talaq repeated at one stand three times is only considered one divorce so "halal"does not apply. Story writer should research better ,personally I have no objecction but it spreads wrong knowledge of the laws also in general public and the whole story becomes baseless . 3- I am surprised that a divorce is not registered in Pakistan?
samar, Dubai Monday, October 05 2015

ary transmission is closed in kpk
roman ali, takht bhai .mardan Sunday, October 04 2015

Very good
vab, aphdb Sunday, October 04 2015

we love imran khan and pti
atif, rawalpindi Sunday, October 04 2015

It was a Shocking News: The Opposition Leader opposed construction of Kalabagh Dam. The Politicians, despite long political career, as usual are short sighted, self centered, selfish, corrupt, devoid of nationalist look, and even have interest/ links in Bharat. It is beyond their comprehension to come out of the regional prejudices/Party stance and think of projects benefiting the country in the long run. In fact they are enemies, some time hidden and some time open who claim that they intend keeping the country united!! By such statements they only befool the illiterate people.This year we threw almost 2,60,00,000 acre foot flood water in the sea. Can we store this water and reap other innumerable benefits? Karachi has acute shortage of water. Will the Patriot Media educate the Pakistanis through Talk Shows, debates and special Shows about the urgency of the Dam and its role in the economic development of the country? There are many Patriot Pakistanis who can prove and convince with logic, reasoning and prove with the help of facts and figures that the Dam is a must for the present and future generations. I request ARY to take the lead.
sarwar, lahore Sunday, October 04 2015

i see .pakistan is not united in one nation.they are disterbute in so many parties. there must be four parties inthe country one for ruling other for apposion third must bereligious party as jamate islam and fourth care ,taker for election when election is due after election new government is ready to take over.
m.afzal sanghoivi, wakefield uk. Sunday, October 04 2015

mubashar luqman k progaram on kab ho ga

ary ka logo k nechay time pora nahen dakh saktey

time ko thora oncha rakhen [ thankyou ]
ghulam rasool, tabuk Sunday, October 04 2015

ary is a good news channel.
ather, karachi Saturday, October 03 2015

Arshad sharif is not anker His loyalty is just for Rupees. In fact he is lefafa Anker. I hate him very much. please ban him on ARY.
Anwar kamal, Karachi Saturday, October 03 2015

ary news may jo morning show lgta ha us may logon ko booht sport deya jata ha.. so kya ap mujhy apnay show may bula sktay han.. may acting booht achi krta hun.. kya mujhy kisi bhi daramy may chance mill skta ha.. ap zroor pahlay mujhy judj kiye ga..
RJ ABDUL SABOOR, lahore Saturday, October 03 2015

Maj Gen Bilal Akbar Dg Rangers Sindh
August 9 ·
operation should be at defense & Clifton ,big houses --rangers will find arms,gold ,money & documents ,-------

---‎Maj Gen Bilal Akbar Dg Rangers Sindh
August 7 ·
no need of article 245 ,army will do it through nab ,fia , & police ---politician have gone bonkers ----terrorist will give name of financier , automatically military court ---our army is thirsty of protecting Pakistan & not like politician ,destroying Pakistan.---- RAW is,protecting money abroad of economic terrorist
WALJI, KARACHI Saturday, October 03 2015

we love pervez Musharraf and he can't do this he is the man of word and that media person is not from Pakistan and can be bribed by some one to say this and what is the proof we don't accept any thing dishonorable against him why he killed her did she was going to kill pervez Musharraf Sahib no never so a commando didn't kill ladies he did every thing in the great interest of Pakistan and for the nation of Pakistan he insure that by his coming back and lefting any thing out side all them want him back in their country but he will not go any where we all with him inshallah you will see him again in power by the vote of our in ellection
khalid khan, Peshawar Friday, October 02 2015

Ary News is my favoutite News Channel and I also watch whole Talk Shows of Ary News,
Rana Galsar, Samaro Town District Umerkot Friday, October 02 2015

salam ,mn midia sy requast karta hon k saudia ,mana mn jitny pakistani shaheed hoy hn un k hawaly sy kuch socha jay plz or unki lashon ko pakistan laya jay ''''''
muhammad,raza,najafi, iran,mashhad Friday, October 02 2015

Respectable Senior Anchors,
When you air the talkshow, please give the equal time to all the participants and ask the relavent questions from the guests. It has been noticed that the Anchors through their irrelavent remarks and questions tries to dominate the talkshow, this is not fair. The cunning smiles and head jerks shows their attitude towards the guest whome they want to degrade and create their negitive impact on the views.
Hope this will be avoided, and a fruitful talkshows programms covering the basic problems of Pakistan and Poor Pakistani to be discussed.
Shiza Hussain, Islamabad Friday, October 02 2015

This is just like that that they are engaging the public from their failliers in government and that is the popularity of General Musharraf Sahib that is his ability that they accepted that all of them are frightening from the growth of his own party apml no doubt and they want he should not in to the politics but he will that is clear we all with him and he innocent all of them are wrong
khalid khan , Peshawar Thursday, October 01 2015

why you are believe other people who are not from pakistan if you say that they are right then we all or unpatriotic and we are doubtable muslims that we don't believe our's people that means you and I are lier shouldn't be trust is true
khalid khan, Peshawar Thursday, October 01 2015

today is senior citizens day but you see how they are humiliated in national bank for getting their pension. For example see in Rahimabad branch f.b.area
mohammad Shafi , kara chi Thursday, October 01 2015

ary news my best channel mubasher luqman ko ary me pore azade do ta ke wo phir program shoro karde ok thanks
shamran khan pti, bannu Thursday, October 01 2015

i came to know that PM's speech will be in Urdu, i was wondering for it , but haven't heard a single word of our national language, why why???
Najeeb, Shangdong, China Wednesday, September 30 2015

ARY News - We reside in the world where people are looking for Breaking News or hourly news bulletin every time and everywhere. ARY News formerly known as ARY One World is a subsidiary of ARY Digital Network is officially fulfilling this purpose since September 2004.

ARY News is a prominent name in the spectrum of news and current affairs channels. It is devoted to make their subscribers "Har Lamha Bakhabar". ARY News operates with exclusive network of over 700 journalists and other correspondents across the globe. The channel is treasured with rich archive library with exclusive recording. ARY News Bulletin is telecast on hourly basis and is followed by millions of people.

It is renowned for its hot and exclusive current affair shows presented by some of the prominent Pakistani journalists. The variety of show mix makes it a strong arm of ARY News Live. The genre of shows features news, current affairs, and infotainment. The strength of ARY News Live includes top rated anchors hosts for instance, P.J. Mir, Javed Malik, Ayaz Amir, Faeza Dawood, Sadaf Jabbar, Kashif Abbasi and Aasma Shirazi. Famous shows of ARY News includes Off Record, Criminals Most Wanted, Pakistan Tonight, Sawal Yeh Hai, Khara Sach to name a few.

Get informed and updated with ARY News live streaming here. You can watch ARY News Live coverage of Peshawar School Incident, petrol crisis online. The exclusive coverage of popular top stories, breaking news and much more is available on HamariWeb.Popular Shows

Khara Sach

The most popular show of ARY News that is responsible to drag in audience from its abrupt and to the point authentic content. The show is hosted by Mubashir Lucman, a well known host, and analyst who is popular for critically analyzing government. Recently, Mubashir Lucman conducted the interview of Imran Khan and Reham Khan after their marriage. You can watch Khara Sach online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Sar e Aaam

Another popular show of ARY News is Sar e Aaam hosed by Iqrar ul Hassan. The show is based on the concept of identifying the social evils that are hidden from the eyes of law and justice and damages the social structure of the country. The show has successfully telecasts the on spot evidence of several crimes in the show. You can watch Sar e Aaam online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

The Morning Show with Sanam Baloch

Unlike other morning shows, this one is unique, interesting and entertaining. Hosted by chulbully and talented actress Sanam Baloch, she adds flavors of life to the show. It contains gossips, celebrity guests, discussion, and loads of laughter. You can watch The Morning Show with Sanam Baloch online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.