Dunya News TV Live On the sky of successful and impactful current affairs channels, Dunya News Live has a prominent place. Dunya News covers wide range of top rated TV shows watched by millions of Pakistanis regularly. Dunya News Live is one of the premiere Urdu language news and current affairs television channel from Pakistan. The channel is governed and managed by National Communication services (SMC) Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan, the channel possess bureau offices in all the major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Multan, Peshawar, Sukkur, Dera Ismail Khan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and all other sub districts. The professionals associated with Dunya News try their level best to be competitive in true sense. Dunya TV shows target the culturally diverse audience of Pakistan. Within a short period of time Dunya News Live has won the hearts of Pakistanis due to authentic reporting of news.

You can watch Dunya News live online, talk shows, and current affairs programs on HamariWeb. This page can be search by Dunya TV live, Dunya TV news live, Dunya news Pakistan, Dunya TV channel and Dunya TV Live streaming. Some of the renowned faces of Dunya News are Tariq Mateen, Muhammad Ajmal Jami, Zeeshan Bashir, Junaid Saleem, Ayesha Zulfiqar, Ayesha Naz, Uzma Nauman, Madiha fakhar to name a few. Some of Dunya TV famous and most watch programs are Khabar Ye Hai, Cross Fire, DUNYA at 8 with Malick, Hasb-e-Haal, In Session, Nuqta Nazar, On The Front, Police File and Policy Matters. The Dunya TV shows are interesting and captivating with authentic content. Pakistanis love Dunya News due to Azizi of Hasb e Haal, a trade mark show. Watch Dunya News Live coverage of all the major events of 2015 and receive minute to minute updates on all the significant events. Catch the exclusive coverage of current political turmoil and latest developments. .

Yeh Hay Cricket Deewangi- This Ramadan 2015, Dunya News Live brings you some interesting cricket analysis for the Asian giants Pakistan and Sri Lanka ongoing cricket series. Salman Hassan hosts the show “Yeh Hay Cricket Deewangi” featuring batsman Imran Nazir, and top analysts Alina Farooqi and Zenab Abbas. You can watch this show from Monday to Sunday at 5:30pm only on Dunya News.

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HASSAN, USA Tuesday, August 04 2015

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Syed, islamabad Tuesday, August 04 2015

ajab corruption ghazab kahani.......ghazab corruption ajab kahani.no our memory is short but not too short.
subhatti, pakpattan Tuesday, August 04 2015

Dunya chanal this is very nice tv chanal i like it.i enjoy all programes on this chanal
nasir, bahawalpur Monday, August 03 2015

Kamran Khan sahafat side pe rakh ke nokri pakki karneke chakkar mien hie.......
Afzal, Swabi Monday, August 03 2015

We should leave and avoid all bad things for dunya.
ameen, lhr Monday, August 03 2015

IT seems seasoned journalist Mr. Shami also believes in (NAZRIA ZAROORAT)
Rizwan Rao, LAHORE Monday, August 03 2015

ASHFAQ AHMED, CHICAGO SA Monday, August 03 2015

ya allah maray pakistan ke or mare pak army or mare pak forces ke madad kar allah kay pak forces pakistani kay sat sat ha ya party walay to maray tax kay pasay mazay latay ha duaa go
s h jaffri, karchi Monday, August 03 2015

dear jab tak amry cortes nahi lagay ge hum pakistani ko or jatnay be pakistani shaheed howay or jo A P S school kay bachoo ko shaheed keya us ko kohi insaf nahi deya is cortes say soraf deshad gar ko insaf malay ga we need amry cortes s h jaffri karach
s h jaffri, karachi Monday, August 03 2015

Recent comment Altaf Hussain MQM, My humble advise to Mr. Altaf Hussain do not worry about Karachi to invite UNO or NATO to rescue Karachi. We Karachiats are very well able to give lesson to all those corrupt culprit guys who are ruling Pakistan either they belongs to so called political parties or Adlia, or Establishment. We karachiats are the son's and daughter's founder of Pakistan start from Sir Syed Ahmed , Mulana Muhammad Ali Johar, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Mohamad, Karachiat Sunday, August 02 2015

beautiful chanal. i like all programs
attiq kamboh, dammam saudi arab Sunday, August 02 2015

Mr Imran khan sahab I hope you will be the next Prime Minister
anaskhan, Dammam,Saudi Arabia Sunday, August 02 2015

I saw new talk show'badal dou' by if takahe sb.this programme wil continue if it is implemented by the govt to solve the problem of the country n give peace to nation suggestions given by participants,if not so pls stop it.dont waste our time
Hasan, Houston,tx Sunday, August 02 2015

dunya news was ok now its like plm n own this tv or give them big cheack imran khan is greatman he is honest brave he will be the next pm for pakistan god bless him
basit, toronto Saturday, August 01 2015

good news chanal
Aamir jutt, 429J.B GOJRA Friday, July 31 2015

agar killers ,chor ,batha khor ,indian agents dual nationals and diesel paermat holder assembly me bet sakta he to pti jaise clean aur honest party kyo nai bet sakti beshak pti ke mebers ko out karo but hum fir se un ko bejenge inshallah
iqbal khan, quetta Friday, July 31 2015

Dar he kafi ha lion ko khana ka lia bulkah poora mulk ko harap kerna ka lia
dadani.a, kcy Friday, July 31 2015

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Abdullah, kalabat swabi pakistan Friday, July 31 2015

good channel very besy i like
dr aslam, malakwal Thursday, July 30 2015

Mr. Aneeque Ahmed Sahib, SalaamAlykum, Your today program On Surat AlNeesa Ayat 71,72,73. My request to you if it is possible send video copy of this program to our Arm Forces Academies and advise them to make the teaching of this program in their education in the Academy.
mohamad, Karachiat Thursday, July 30 2015

Fakir, Kehshan Wednesday, July 29 2015

Pakistani news yery nice TV chanal
azharhassanjohri, bhakkar Wednesday, July 29 2015

Sharif says, we are here to serve the nation. Unfortunately it is very true, he is a public servant, or at least he took an oath of being public servant. In reality he is public enemy number one, he is serving nobody but himself, he did exactly the same thing in his other two terms in power. How is he serving himself, let me unravel that mystery here, every mega project he starts, he received kick backs(commission)? His assets have been quadruple, and nations has become beggar. Is this what you all voted for, hell no. Not sure when or ever this nation will wise up.
Angele, Haven Wednesday, July 29 2015

Jee dunya news kee Europe may khas Kar Kay Spain may bilkul nahee as raha please help for dunya news agar hoo sakty too frecuency email pay send Kar day jazakulla
Raheel Ahmed , Barcelona Wednesday, July 29 2015

Shame to PMLN our COAS is negotiating foreign deal all around world my congratulation to our COAS that he is our Foreign Minister too. InshaAllah very soon he will be our Prime Minister of Pakistan and I am sure our Arm Forces fill our prisons with all corrupt politicians and corrupt Judges.
Mohamad, Karachiat Tuesday, July 28 2015

PTI parliment se out honey ka ilzam be PMLN per lagana chahati hai, ye khud qayoon Parliment sa monthly laa raha hain-be sharm
enaam, ky Tuesday, July 28 2015

Respected ex-chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry SB. and A. Qadeer khan sb. Scientist , you are our great personalities of Pakistan, Please avoid enter into the so disappointed politics of Pakistan, pls look the result of Imran Khan PTI. all politicians are playing Noora kushties every time.
Emab, kcy Tuesday, July 28 2015

I have two submissions ; a) All the Channels must be educated about the terminology: " Breaking News." To them every news, however, unimportant it may be is a Breaking News. Some one has to define what is Breaking News. Please do not make the nation hyper- tension. 2) The style and tone (volume of the vocal chord) of the News caster. Is it a must that the News caster reads the news with a thrilling/shreiking voice? They should remain just normal, and if possible, copy other News readers of BBC, CNN etc. I am sure Media will give it a patient consideration.
sarwar, Lahore Tuesday, July 28 2015

Dunya chanal this is very nice tv chanal i like it.i enjoy all programes on this chanal
imran haider, mashhad iran Tuesday, July 28 2015

Dunya News - Another addition to the ever- rising news and current affairs market in Pakistan is Dunya TV. Dunya TV Urdu News is a 24 hours channel that broadcast the content in national language. Formed in association with National Communication it became official in December 2008. Dunya TV managed by Mian Amir Mehmood broadcast news and corresponding talk shows in Urdu dialect 24 hours via neighborhood link drivers. Dunya News Live has high local reach and witness live transmission of news and current affairs in diverse urban, villages, towns, and other distant regions of Pakistan. The Dunya TV news and current affairs shows have massive popularity, and viewership. The highly acclaimed Dunya TV shows with high TRP ratings include Hasb –e-Haal, Khari Baat, Cross Fire, News Watch, Police File, Zabta E Hayat, Talaash to name a few. The battle of TRP has won single handedly by Hasb e Haal fame Azizi. He makes the audience burst with laughter by his signature Punjabi style of analysis on prevailing current affairs and issues. Dunya TV in 2012 expanded its business operations by diversifying its expertise in print media by starting a newspaper "Dunya Newspaper".

Popular Shows

Hasb e Haal

The show needs no introduction. It is now a household name. Witty, informative, and full of entertainment, Hasb e Haal is certainly Pakistan’s most watched and favorite show. This comedy talk show is telecast on Dunya News at 11: pm from Thursday to Sunday. The hosts of the show are Junaid Saleem, Najia Baig, and Sohail Ahmed who presents a political and social satire in their unique style. It aims to raise voice against the odds of the society in a lighter hilarious tone, mocks the law and order, judiciary, government policies, and flaws in the entire existing system of Pakistan. The popularity of the show is the relevance of the content and the way it is presented. You can watch Hasb e Haal online and live on Hamariweb.com with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Nuqta e Nazar

Dunya News TV is also renowned for its show Nuqta e Nazar. The show highlights the point of discussion chosen and debate about its pros, cons and solution. The program is aired on Dunya News and hosted by Habib Akram. You can watch Nuqta e Nazar online and live on Hamariweb.com with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Mazaaq Raat

Mazaq Raat is a popular show of Dunya TV. The show is hosted by renowned TV actor Noman Ejaz with the team comprising of Amanullah Khan, Iftikhar Thakur, Sakhawat Naz, and DJ Mohsin Abbas Haider. The show telecasts from Monday to Wednesday at 11:05pm. The format of the show is entertaining as the DJ Jutt commences and ends the show with a parody song. Noman Ejaz hosts the show marvelously with Mazaaq Raati team that pinch in with the sarcastic and hilarious remarks. The other members of the show are Miss Tech that comprises of Fatima Sohail and Hanel Siddiqui. You can watch Mazaq Raat online and live on Hamariweb.com with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.