Dunya News TV Live On the sky of successful and impactful current affairs channels, Dunya News Live has a prominent place. Dunya News covers wide range of top rated TV shows watched by millions of Pakistanis regularly. Dunya News Live is one of the premiere Urdu language news and current affairs television channel from Pakistan. The channel is governed and managed by National Communication services (SMC) Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan, the channel possess bureau offices in all the major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Multan, Peshawar, Sukkur, Dera Ismail Khan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and all other sub districts. The professionals associated with Dunya News try their level best to be competitive in true sense. Dunya TV shows target the culturally diverse audience of Pakistan. Within a short period of time Dunya News Live has won the hearts of Pakistanis due to authentic reporting of news.

You can watch Dunya News live tv streaming free, talk shows, and current affairs programs on HamariWeb. This page can be search by Dunya TV live, Dunya TV news live, Dunya news Pakistan, Dunya TV channel and Dunya TV Live streaming. Some of the renowned faces of Dunya News are Tariq Mateen, Muhammad Ajmal Jami, Zeeshan Bashir, Junaid Saleem, Ayesha Zulfiqar, Ayesha Naz, Uzma Nauman, Madiha fakhar to name a few. Some of Dunya TV famous and most watch programs are Khabar Ye Hai, Cross Fire, DUNYA at 8 with Malick, Hasb-e-Haal, In Session, Nuqta Nazar, On The Front, Police File and Policy Matters. The Dunya TV shows are interesting and captivating with authentic content. Pakistanis love Dunya News due to Azizi of Hasb e Haal, a trade mark show. Watch Dunya News Live coverage of all the major events of 2015 and receive minute to minute updates on all the significant events. Catch the exclusive coverage of current political turmoil and latest developments. .

Yeh Hay Cricket Deewangi- This Ramadan 2015, Dunya News Live brings you some interesting cricket analysis for the Asian giants Pakistan and Sri Lanka ongoing cricket series. Salman Hassan hosts the show “Yeh Hay Cricket Deewangi” featuring batsman Imran Nazir, and top analysts Alina Farooqi and Zenab Abbas. You can watch this show from Monday to Sunday at 5:30pm only on Dunya News.

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Mr. Kamran Khan, your recent interview with MQM leadership I am pretty sure some traitors in our Establishment and in the government working very cunning way to destabilize Pakistan and taking Pakistan towards disintegrate Pakistan integrity is on the stake this is bold wording on the board.
AAA, Pakistani Tuesday, September 01 2015

Mazaq Raat se GANA BAJANA nikaal den to ye bohot acha comedy program ban jaye ga....
Hasan Sidiqi, Pennsylvanian Tuesday, September 01 2015

parvez Rashid zardari ko jawab daty howa bhigi billi ? some thing rong???
ms ahmad, u.sa Monday, August 31 2015

DR YOUSUF, BADIN Monday, August 31 2015

DR YOUSUF, BADIN Monday, August 31 2015

Pakistani Media is very lucky as they get "Breaking News" every third minute. Pakistani politicians are very rich in Breaking news. Every day of theirs is spent in looting the national resources, placing their Favourites at prize appointments, promoting Nepotism, devise ways whereby they can fleece the poor, leg pulling.The Breaking News also reveal how these politicians would join hands to come in power. They are so crook that they would always befool the masses by lableling every step of theirs "In the interest of Democracy." What a fraud the masses are hearing. The politicians have broken all the records of corruption and Inefficiency. Allah is Supreme, Pakistan is still progressing!! Media must expose these Corrupt politician because this act is in the interest of our Nation and future generations.
sarwar, lahore Monday, August 31 2015

Mr. Kamran Shahid, your today program dt.Aug31/15 . I have one funny urdu quot for these two parties PPP and PMLN is " Chor kay Ghar may Chor Kuoda" means Thief breakin in the home of Thief's .
viewr, Toronto, Canada Monday, August 31 2015

ab ppp q cry kar rehi ha jb mqm pr waqat aya tha tu ya sub khushi ka shadyanay baja reha thay
asgher, hyderabad Monday, August 31 2015

A brother in Islam has sent the most nice comments from the Holy Land of Saudi Arabia.May Allah bless him and all those who believe in the Oneness of Allah and Mohammad(s.a.w) and love all the companions of Muhammad(s.a.w) and follow his bright way of life.Having the exemption the little number of the people most are ignorant from the basic principles of Islam.The intensity of the divorcing of the ladies by the word more than three time and then arrange to keep them in house taking the Fitwa from some where to retain the divorce wife is not wise waay.This sin can be considered that one may be sinking in the lake of evil up to his throat.This conduct is the mother of evil.If this trend is not controlled.May be the nation will faced to multiple challanges
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Monday, August 31 2015

Is there any channel who can expose the problems of ptcl pensioners.the ptcl is not giving the benefits inspite of supreem court s decision.
mohammad shafiq, Lahore Monday, August 31 2015

dunia chanal is good chanal
umair zia chan, quaidabad Sunday, August 30 2015

It is a good channel, but some of the comments are unnecessary called for. Let us all think on the positive line and try to resolve our problems which are being created by some people with the help of outsiders with a big amount going in their pocket and creating troubles for other citizens. Please do not involve yourself with extra curricular activities and think about the future of our children and Pakistan. Let us crush the enemy inside us and the one which is harming our people and country with our united and combined effort without any discrimination.
Long live Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad. BE PAKISTANI HELP PAKISTANI.
ISHRAT JUNAID, Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia Sunday, August 30 2015

iftiqar ahmad's program '' BADAL DO'' is completely trash and not worth watching. Absolutely waste of time. Duna TV is adding up junk from different tv channels. kamran khan, kamran shahid, haroon rasheed, ifteqar ahmad and mujeeb ur rahman shami are among the most biased and controversial anchors/analysts in Dunya tv.
Danish, Kansas City Sunday, August 30 2015

Request from whole Pakistani peoples to General Raheel and all pak Army that to start and complete Kala bagh dam for progress of Pakistan and tention free from load shulding of Pakistani peoples which is to much necessary for advance and progressive Pakistan in the world. Thanks and Regards
M.A.Rahman, Faisalabad Saturday, August 29 2015

Dunya channal kise pakistan k dushman ko live na lay. Gen.Raheel &PAk ARMY
Zinda bad.
RASHEED Awan, Faisalabad Saturday, August 29 2015

When would you stop this pendu 30s Show---Hasbe Bad Hal. ??????
Shakir Mumtaz, Riverdale,GA USA Saturday, August 29 2015

dunya news one of the fastest tv chennal
khalid khattak, karak kpk Saturday, August 29 2015

Imran khan shahib terbunal k result ager pehly ata to terbunal ka result b kuch or hota
adnan saeed, islamabad Saturday, August 29 2015

is best channel i like keep it up
draslamgondalsb, malakwal Saturday, August 29 2015

Dunya Live TV team is praiseworthy due to the spreading the light of Islam early in morning. I heard the speech of Mufti Sahib related to the certain activities of Islam.Pakistan is most lucky one.
Abdullah, Kalabat swabi Pakistan Saturday, August 29 2015

If India dares to do any surgical misadventure across the border in our area.
We should also do tit for tat. All those places used as training areas should be targeted instantly which were exposed by the recent caught terrorists.
Mahmood, lahore Friday, August 28 2015

Love this Chanel true Representative of Pakistanis in abroad
Ejaz Ahmed , Abu Dhabi Friday, August 28 2015

Now real open challenge for Establishment from opposition leader of PPP Khurshid Shah announce direct war against them if Army take any action against Corrupt leader Asif Zardari, if Army not take any action on this open challenge its mean there is some thing wrong within Establishment.
AAA, Pakistani Friday, August 28 2015

It is high time that all the Members including Chairman Election Commission should listen to their conscience (They should prove that they have this rare Commodity) and resign immediately because they have proved: 1.They failed to do their duties properly. 2. They created hated among the masses and kept it alive. Had they conducted fair election people would have forgotten the ill feelings errupting during elections. 3. Lot of time and resources both at individual/State level are wasted on petitions and appeals.4. They could have set many good examples for their successors in P. E. C. but they failed. 5. Failed to evolve strategy and steps whereby they could foil steps of Corrupt, Fraudulant, Nincompoop, Fake Degree Holders, Tax Evaders, Self Centered, Short-sighted politicians who can go to any limit only for their personal gains. The PEC could have done a great everlasting favour to Pakistanis but failed miserably!! Do they still have Justification to continue? The Media is requested to Educate the Pakistanis on this issue.
sarwar, lahore Thursday, August 27 2015

Hasb e Haal is a good programme but Najias laughing makes

horrible horrible irritating and unbearable. too much exessive

laughing should be stopped.There is a limit to everything

abdulaziz, Atlanta Wednesday, August 26 2015

shah, MULTAN Wednesday, August 26 2015

in programmes nuqta e nazar remarked that cadidate was sutting wearing pti dopatta it shoes his baus towards pti and i presume that yoday he was wearing under shirt issued by pml n another disclosure how his nephew and son in law was inducted in national bank and now inducted in foreign service and apointed in qatar as a diplomat unheard in nbp history mr shami should be careful as beople take note of it .
sasheikhusa, va usa Wednesday, August 26 2015

Look if PM took some gift n never backed I DONT BLV IT he is the man on him u can proud , i am a frquent traveler i know what peoples from aborad link his name with the servival of Pakistan... u see before him and after so-alled democrtic came in power but what they did ... i am not a fan of person i am fan who is sincere wth Pakistan...
Afab Ahmed, Karach Wednesday, August 26 2015

Ifthkar Ahmed you are not a neutral journalist, This is not Geo news, change your behavior. This is Dunya News and this channel has a lot of fan.Please don,t spoil this good channel, otherwise you know very well about Geo news what happened with that.Be honest with your job.
Rizwan, Beijing, China Wednesday, August 26 2015

if mr. shakir mumataz from Riverdale doesnt know that Musharraf did not keep any gift from abroad what ever was presented to him he deposited it with the government of paksistan! a car, he paid for it according to the rules. on the contrary it was Mr. ZAB WHO NEVER DID SO INCLUDING A GOLD SWORD PRESENTED TO HIM BY SADDAM HUSSIAN, ITS PRESENTATION WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED/SCREENED.
TARIQ LODI, KARACHI. Tuesday, August 25 2015

Dunya News - Another addition to the ever- rising news and current affairs market in Pakistan is Dunya TV. Dunya TV Urdu News is a 24 hours channel that broadcast the content in national language. Formed in association with National Communication it became official in December 2008. Dunya TV managed by Mian Amir Mehmood broadcast news and corresponding talk shows in Urdu dialect 24 hours via neighborhood link drivers. Dunya News Live has high local reach and witness live transmission of news and current affairs in diverse urban, villages, towns, and other distant regions of Pakistan. The Dunya TV news and current affairs shows have massive popularity, and viewership. The highly acclaimed Dunya TV shows with high TRP ratings include Hasb –e-Haal, Khari Baat, Cross Fire, News Watch, Police File, Zabta E Hayat, Talaash to name a few. The battle of TRP has won single handedly by Hasb e Haal fame Azizi. He makes the audience burst with laughter by his signature Punjabi style of analysis on prevailing current affairs and issues. Dunya TV in 2012 expanded its business operations by diversifying its expertise in print media by starting a newspaper "Dunya Newspaper".

Popular Shows

Hasb e Haal

The show needs no introduction. It is now a household name. Witty, informative, and full of entertainment, Hasb e Haal is certainly Pakistan’s most watched and favorite show. This comedy talk show is telecast on Dunya News at 11: pm from Thursday to Sunday. The hosts of the show are Junaid Saleem, Najia Baig, and Sohail Ahmed who presents a political and social satire in their unique style. It aims to raise voice against the odds of the society in a lighter hilarious tone, mocks the law and order, judiciary, government policies, and flaws in the entire existing system of Pakistan. The popularity of the show is the relevance of the content and the way it is presented. You can watch Hasb e Haal online and live on Hamariweb.com with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Nuqta e Nazar

Dunya News TV is also renowned for its show Nuqta e Nazar. The show highlights the point of discussion chosen and debate about its pros, cons and solution. The program is aired on Dunya News and hosted by Habib Akram. You can watch Nuqta e Nazar online and live on Hamariweb.com with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Mazaaq Raat

Mazaq Raat is a popular show of Dunya TV. The show is hosted by renowned TV actor Noman Ejaz with the team comprising of Amanullah Khan, Iftikhar Thakur, Sakhawat Naz, and DJ Mohsin Abbas Haider. The show telecasts from Monday to Wednesday at 11:05pm. The format of the show is entertaining as the DJ Jutt commences and ends the show with a parody song. Noman Ejaz hosts the show marvelously with Mazaaq Raati team that pinch in with the sarcastic and hilarious remarks. The other members of the show are Miss Tech that comprises of Fatima Sohail and Hanel Siddiqui. You can watch Mazaq Raat online and live on Hamariweb.com with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.