Express News Live TV – As the slogan of the channel suggests, “Har Khabar Par Nazar” Express News has eyed on every single news or top story prevailing in the country. Right from the entry of Mustafa Kamal in the political arena of Pakistan; to the exit of Gen. Retd. Musharraf to Dubai, every news and latest update has been acknowledged by Express News Live TV! The channel has been active in giving proper coverage to World T20 2016 for the viewers of Pakistan.

The craze for breaking news is never ending in Pakistan. For long time, national TV enjoyed the status of sole current affairs channel, with the advent of private news channels in the country the legacy of current affairs is carried out by some of the leading channels including Geo, Express News and Samaa. In a very short period of time Express News has gained popularity among Pakistani audience. This news channel has its own credibility in terms of telecasting breaking news and any political agenda.

Express Television Network is classified as the second largest media group catering the domains of entertainment, news, and current affairs. Express News publication enjoys the status of the only newspaper being published in 11 cities simultaneously. Express News TV Live is a prime Urdu news channel of Pakistan, mainly focuses on social, political, cultural, economic and global issues that affects the nation. Launched on January 1, 2008 owned by the Pakistan’s second largest Urdu News Paper daily has its headquarters in Lahore.

Express News TV Live is known for broadcasting hourly news bulletin followed by some of the amazing shows including Kal Tak hosted by Javed Chaudhry, Koi Dekhe Na Dekhe Shabbir Tow Dekhy Ga, G for Garida, Giraft , Takrar, Syasi Theatre, Khaber Se Agay, Woh Kya Hai to name a few. Leading host Aftab Iqbal has recently joined Express News TV hosting a comedy political show titled “Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal”. The show creates the stir among the audience with witty and humorous performances and discussions. Express News Live TV aims to provide you variety of current affair shows blended with entertainment. The Express News live show offers you programs related to politics, sports, weather, entertainment, international current affairs and top stories etc. The anchors of Express News TV debate on various current prevailing issues in their live shows. Express News Breaking News is broadcast as it happens. Tune in to Express News Live to get access to the Express News Bulletin broadcast every hour.

Watch Express News Live TV coverage of current political, economic turmoil and lot more. If you are at office or stuck in traffic, you can watch Express News Live Streaming online from the platform of HamariWeb. Minute to minute updates are now accessible via live streaming option. Now you can watch your favorite Express TV shows on HamariWeb.

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Express News Ramadan Transmission is so bad. I am so disappointed to see it. The channel dint planned it well at all. I am all sad to witness such an awful stuff. But I still appreciate the Express News bulletin.
Dilshad, Karachi Friday, June 24 2016


norten joseph , karachi Friday, June 24 2016

The modern era is the fitted description of the sayings of Muhammad(s.a.w) related to the serious crimes and all kinds of sins.The Allah had Told Him about all events occurring in the different eras.So there is no wonder about the all kinds of crimes and sins existing in the modern era.Using the common sense one can reach to the conclusion that overpopulated areas even built up areas are the mothers of crimes.
* The Muhammad (S.A.W) said,"The murderer will not know why he is killing the man.And the person will not know the reason why he is killed.
The following cases are the visible Prophecy of Muhammad (S.A.W).
*The assassination of the Hakeem Muhammad Saeed.
*The assassination of the Mulana Shami zay.
*Mulana Muhammad Aslam Shakhopuri.(Absolutely disable.)
*Mulana Muhammad Yousaf Ludhyanawy.
*The Sabery Qawal.
And their are so many people a like the mentioned greats so many people have been killed without any reason.I do not find any remedy of the mentioned crimes but the Divine slap.
Abdullah, kalabat Swabi Pakistan Thursday, June 23 2016

Aj k is sanihey k bad Hukumat se bas itni arz hy k usko Har Barey Tv Channels ko Ek Ek Bullet Proof Gari Di jae k jis me Anchor Ko Laya Jae or us me he usko wapas drop kia jae agr Hukumat ye nahi kr skti to km se km itna to kr skti hy k har channel ko km se km 10 se 15 Police / Commando Guards diye jae k jo Anchors io Ba hifazat Un k Muqam tk pohcha sakey kiu k ye Anchors he hen k jin ki badolat hum apney gharoon me Aram se Sukoon Se A.C me beth kr news dekhty hen or Shows dekhty hen lkn Badnasebi Hmarey Anchors ki k un k liye koi Security ka Sochta he nahi Bs MNA.. MPA..k barey me he soch jata hy ... plz meri is advice pr ek nazar ki jae because We Love Pakistn and We Need Good Pakistan.
Hassaan ahmed Fareedi, Hyderabad Sindh Wednesday, June 22 2016

news anker femail khuda k leyay dopatta to sar p lay leya krain km az km ramzaan mn to zaroor 4 din ke life h ALLAH ko kya mun dikhao gay pls think about it
najam, multan Wednesday, June 22 2016

allah talah en ko janat may allah makam ata farmay aaaaameeeen
abdullateef, faisalabad khurrianwala Wednesday, June 22 2016

Allah pak Amjad Sabri sahab ko jannt me alah makam ata farmaye.Ameen
Asadkhan, shahdadpur Wednesday, June 22 2016

Guarakpur adayala ka nazdeek ju katal huwa us ki news
zafar, guarakpur Tuesday, June 21 2016

shabbir, kabirwala Sunday, June 19 2016

Well done Express live T.V and Express News paper team! Your activities are useful.In Sha Allah the great part of knowledge will be shared with you.I an listening the Azaan of Maghreb Prayer.Congratulation to you.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Sunday, June 19 2016

#ghareeda what are you trying to show???
Is thy dharna ppl are doing wrong if thy are on road???
And for you only bisoness and money is every thing as you have take an artificial business man on line, who is telling the husge amount of lost has been face today due to these ppl...
Shame on you media and for those ppl who sellong their selfconceisness against money and supporting the killers and a system of injustice!!!!
Owais, Dubai Friday, June 17 2016

Program (Karl tak ). At is. Nazis Javad chuhdre 2good hoist all. Moist good prsntion
m naveed khan, bahawal nagar pnjab Friday, June 17 2016

TV par garmagarm khabrain sunnay main aa rahi hain.Ahl e Siasat b aour haam sab time pass kar rahay hain.Aab tu main boorha houn kisi kam ka nahee.Albata zindagi k behtareen lamhaat wo they jo main nay watan kee defaa main guzaray.Ess par del ko etmeenan hay.Baqi Punjabi ka ayk maqula hay."Bataira na taira nah maira."G haun hamaray siasy badshahoun nay ayk doosray say ghutum ghuta hona hay.Hukoomat haqeeqat main kisi aour kee hay ham waisay ayk doosray k greban phar rahay hain.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Thursday, June 16 2016

I am listening the wonderful news about the labor who has beaten by the elite in the manner of fastening him with tree.There is the most bitter conditions of the labors on the gross root level.I do not go in the varieties of the life on the gross root level one may be made milliner within two months.The man may be absolutely ignorant from the principles of Islam. But due to his clever tongue he cheats the people in the one field in which the common people are found illusive. I have seen the biography of Tamer ling.Though he would know about the teachings of Islam yet he had killed the millions people.Once he entered in the large city of Samar Kand.No disharmony was found in the people.The shop would remain open and the owner would not present some time.There was no stealth in the city.The people would talk with each other friendly using the any Verse of Quran.It was found that the people would follow the way of the great scholar of Islam.The Tamer announced in the world no one is allowed to attack on this city.This is the independent city.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Thursday, June 16 2016

is program ma muja jo nazer aya ha wo sirf or sirf bewakufana ha or jnb anchor sahab to khudi boli ja raha han agla banda ki koi baat he nhi sun raha ha.
2nd baat ya ka Jinnat ek makhlook han ek creation ha or wo ha is duniya ma. Surah Rehman ma is ka ziker asa ha. o ager tum zameen ka madar se nikalna caho to nikal jao khawan jin o insan ek dusera ki madad bhe keran to na nikal pao ga siwaya Allah ki madad se.
3rd point Quran pak ka 4 Qoule jo Jadoo ka liya Nabi pak per nazel kiya ga jab Nabi pak per jadoo ker diya gya tha.
baki ya ha ka insan ka sath is ka koi taluq nhi ha.
ya be ilami ki battan han sirf.
Ali Hassan, Texas, America Thursday, June 16 2016

Javed Chaudhry's Talk Show (Kal Tak) is one of my best talk show.
RafiUllah, Peshawar Tuesday, June 14 2016

Abdullah, kalabat Swabi Pakistan Tuesday, June 14 2016

In Khabardaar, it is such a good act to recite Naat instead of sond in the month of Ramadan, yesterday I watch this show and like the beautiful naat recitation.
ghazanfar, khi Monday, June 13 2016

G for Gharida is also the best political talk show in Express News channel. The timings of this program is very suitable that’s why I watch this talk show.
waqas, khi Monday, June 13 2016

Aslamaleakum aftab bhai ap ka show buhat acha he magar is ka taim kam he is Lea show ka taim badhan shukreya meri tarf se ap or apki all team ko buhat buhat Mubarak ho
ghullamkadar, rehhim yar khan Saturday, June 11 2016

Best channel awesome
Ali, Mississauga Saturday, June 11 2016

I like your channel and I am joined for your channel
Tanveer, Karachi Saturday, June 11 2016

saleable commodity like javed chaudry shud not be a part of express team.
asad, quetta Thursday, June 09 2016

In the Express News Channel, Takrar is the great political talk show. The main reason to watch this show it take opinion of all the political parties.
danish, khi Thursday, June 09 2016

All the political talk shows in Express News channel are going superb, due to the fast network and the great team efforts this channel break any news before the other news channels.
abbas, lhr Thursday, June 09 2016

Express News Ramadan transmission is so boring. I started watching something yesterday but it was so awful that I failed to continue watching it. Please improve the quality of Express News shows.
Nighat, Lahore Thursday, June 09 2016

Express News TV is superb. It is undoubtedly Pakistan's second most powerful media house. I dont like their entertainment channel but I surely do like its News channel. Thanks for listing it here
Kashif, Karachi Thursday, June 09 2016

The live streaming of HamariWeb is superb where I watch my favorite show 'Khabardaar' due to the load shedding I watch this show in my smart phone.
abeer, khi Wednesday, June 08 2016

Masha Allah! In the Express News Channel the Sehr transmission 'Subhan Ramadan' is also going well. In this transmission I specially like the discussion with scholars.
neelam, khi Wednesday, June 08 2016

This is the world of Dajjal and the marvel technical civilization.
The food stuffs may be not found pure due to the hybridization.
The most nice food stuffs and natural herb and shrub are not found
Dajjal allied by Satan are busy in the work of anti naturalization.
Abdullah, Kaabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, June 08 2016

Express News - Viewers across Pakistan have expressed their belief and trust on Express News, considered to be one of the most watched channels in the country. Express News TV launched back in 2008, is an Urdu news channel that has stepped up the ladder of success within a short span of time. Express News TV Live is the news subsidiary channel of Express Media Group. The slogan of "Har Khabar Par Nazar" is based on the idea of catering all the news and top stories from local and global domain. The channel has its offices in all the major cities of Pakistan including headquarters in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Mardan, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Sukhar and Rahim Yar Khan. Express News TV Bulletin satisfies the urge from the viewers for breaking news and hourly news bulletin. Express News Bulletin gained immense appreciation from masses. Express News with its exclusive customer base and professional team has catered perfectly well to the needs and specifications with its interesting and informative content. Checkout latest developments of Express News and Express TV live on HamariWeb. You can avail buffer-free and high quality Express News Live Streaming online from this page.

Popular Shows

Famous shows of Express News include Kal Tak by Javed Chaudhry, Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal, Takrar, Woh Kya Hai, Darling, to name a few. Let us take an insight of the popular shows of Express News:

Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal

Renowned TV host Aftab Iqbal left Geo Television and joined Express News. He is hosting a show titled “Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal”. The theme of the show is based on humorous way of criticizing politicians, discussion on current affairs, and genuine analysis about the social issues in the shows. The show is telecast from Thursday to Sunday at 11pm.

Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry

The flagship show of Express News TV titled KAL TAK is one of the most watched and followed show in Pakistan. Hosted by veteran anchor person and intellect Javed Chaudhry, the show highlights the significant and concerning daily issues on table with popular dignitaries, politicians, socialist to reach on pragmatic resolution. Javed Chaudhry normally starts KAL TAK with historical preface related to matter that adds to the relevance of the show.

You can watch KAL TAK online or KAL TAK live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show. The show telecasts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday at 10:00 pm.


Takrar is another flagship Television Show of Samma TV that covers variety of daily life problems faced by common man and current affairs. The show is on air from 08:00 P.M. to 09:00 P.M. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only on Express News. The show is hosted by Imran Khan and Rana Naveed Anwar is the producer of the show. You can watch Takrar online on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.


Darling is the comedy show broadcast on Express News TV. It is directed and hosted by renowned comedian Khalid Abbas Dar. He impersonates various characters and acts hilariously to make a mark. Jungi and parody song is the hallmark of the show. You can watch Darling online on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.