Barbecue Recipes – Being a Desi and not interested in barbecue? This is simply not possible. Barbecue recipes are ultimately delicious and tempting. Learn and make best heal... ...Read more

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Boti Tikka
I noted the some recipe which I will make at the occasion who happen at the next week at mine home because there has the every recipe has the delicious unique taste
salma - Karachi 4/25/2017 11:35:34 AM
Bihari Kabab
If you need to know any delicious dish recipe so you just come here and note that recipe what you want with their declivous taste and then make it for your family
sakeena - panjab 4/25/2017 11:35:13 AM
بہاری بوٹی
I got the many recipes form here which I made that at home with the brilliant taste specially the many type of meaty dishes I follow that from here which had the brilliant taste when I tried that
FAYQA - panjab 4/25/2017 11:32:55 AM
Chicken Seekh Kabab ...
This chicken seekh kabab is looking like a chicken tikka that everyone really like to eat that and I hope its taste will same form tikka when I will make it at home at the B.B.Q.
rehana - khi 4/25/2017 7:56:29 AM
Bbq Fish Recipe by Z...
Fish is the healthiest food ever which is the best of everyone because it has the multi vitamins, which is good for eyes and bones. I must try sea foods once in a week, this time I will make BBQ fish at home to make some different taste.
hina - khi 4/24/2017 7:16:22 AM
Creamy Kabab Recipe
This creamy kabab has the delicious to looking at this photo but its recipes is same then mine recipe of kabab I thought that its taste will different the n that
arshia - islamabad 4/21/2017 12:59:42 PM
Boti Tikka
If whenever I want to get any new recipe so I just come here to be note that and then I can make that at home for mine whole family which they really like to eat that mine new dishes
aroosh - pindi 4/21/2017 12:57:06 PM
Bihari Kabab
There has the many delicious recipes has which we really like to eat that usually and I can follow this site every time to get the any recipe because there has the every with the easy method
reema - laore 4/21/2017 12:56:43 PM
بہاری بوٹی
I am very glad to this site that guide me every time whenever I want to make any dish so I can get the help by this site that show me the easy recipes to make that as well
seema - karachi 4/21/2017 12:51:47 PM
چٹنی بھرے شامی کباب
The presentation of this Barbeque is really amazing also looking better that every person want to eat it after seeing it on the table of dinner
Alina - Lahore 4/20/2017 4:55:51 PM

Barbecue Recipes – Being a Desi and not interested in barbecue? This is simply not possible. Barbecue recipes are ultimately delicious and tempting. Learn and make best healthy Pakistani barbecue dishes. Our rendered chicken barbecue recipes are the easiest way to cook appetizing barbecue dishes at home in minutes. Pakistani cuisines are one of the well-recognized cuisines among continental food. Pakistani food obtains admiration all around the world especially for its barbecue Recipes in Urdu. You can find several BBQ grill recipes both in Urdu and English. Some of renowned chefs and cooking experts include Rida Aftab, Shireen Anwar, Gulzar, Zubeida Tariq and Sadat Siddiqui barbecue recipes are available on our page. Chicken BBQ recipes are considered the best grilled food to eat for dieting. It is basically an American dish, derived by different methods of cooking meat/chicken putting on heat or fire depends on you in what way you want to cook your BBQ. HamariWeb offer you the most prominent Pakistani barbecue recipes, which include Chicken/Beef Tikka, Chiken/Beef Boti, Tandoori Chicken/Beef, Afghani Chicken/Beef Boti, Lahori Chicken/Beef Chargha, Fried Kebab Chiken/Beef, Malai Paneer Boti Chiken/Beef and many others. Chicken BBQ recipes mainly cook in Pakistan on special occasions such as on Eid-ul-Adha.

This Eid ul Adha 2015, you can give a unique taste to your cuisine by decorating it with amazing barbecue recipes in Urdu available on this page. The temping barbecue recipes posted on the page are unique, new and come from the expertise of your favorite chefs. No need to spend more time in browsing Chicken barbecue recipes as you can find all at one platform.

You can find the latest and delicious collection of barbecue Recipes on We provide an opportunity to our users to post or share their favorite BBQ Pakistani recipes and tips/tricks of cooking BBQ on our website. Now, why wait than try our simple Beef & Chicken BBQ recipes and get appreciation from your family and your loved ones.