Bihari Kabab

Submited by tayyaba from faisalabad


1) kilograms beef pasanda (thin sliced)
2) teaspoons coriander powder
3) teaspoon red pepper powder
4) teaspoons garam masala powd
5) medium onions paste
6) tablespoon mustard oil
7) cup yogurt
8) medium onion sliced
9) As per taste salt
10) scopes papaya (raw ) ground


1. When you buy Pasandas get them thin sliced about 2- 3inches wide 4 inches in length.
2. Two medium onions that you have sliced should be fried brown and crushed by hand.
3. Now mix well all the above ingredients and the beef with your hand.
4.leave to marinate for about 6-8 hrs in the fridge.
5. Then put the meat in the skewers( folded in layers).
6. Close held together.put the meat over heated charcoal turning it regularly till meat is barbecued from all the sides.
7. Serve it hot with paratha and raita.

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Reviews on Bihari Kabab

Bihari kabab is so tasty it is amazing tastfull kabab my m0m made some times a month good recipe
Ahmed - Karachi 1/29/2019 4:42:47 AM
I was craving good food, i cooked bihari kabab using the recipe given here and i fell in love. Not only me but my kids loved them too
Shafaq - Jamshoro 10/3/2018 12:52:53 PM
Now here mention the achaar gosht recipe that help me to today to get make it at home for my child because they really like to eat that
Shahida - sahiwal 9/1/2018 2:00:29 PM
Bihari kabab is a simple dish anyone can make this easily at home. I also make this dish most of the time. Any person should add Bihari Kabab type of dishes in their regular meal.
Sohrab - Lahore 8/23/2018 11:23:34 AM
This bihari kabab is a popular and great dish who everybody jump at the chance to eat. It has the heaps of zest and heavenly taste. Must try this recipe to have the fun.
Ghazala - Karachi 7/31/2018 1:41:44 PM
Without get any trouble I can easily make the bihari kabab step by step from this online way that given me the whole easy recipe for making it at home
haris - islamabad 7/20/2018 11:37:53 AM
This bihari kabab is looking so delicious dish that has the many ingredients for making it that we make that by the following this method
Wazie - Sialkot 7/17/2018 10:10:40 PM
This Bihari kabab makes with the delicious taste and lots of ingredients as everyone can easily make that by the following this method
anabia - Karachi 3/27/2018 12:26:43 PM
Bihari kabab recipe is the most desired food that I always love eating it. Surely, I will try this recipe in my home because my family also like this dish..
shama rizvi - ISLAMABAD 3/22/2018 4:56:39 AM
I just made the Bihari Kabab by the help of this amazing recipe which is we have here and this is the best part for getting the complete recipe with every step
Harmeen - Karachi 2/26/2018 10:41:18 AM

Bihari Kabab

Bihari Kabab Recipe - Bihari Kabab is a meat recipe that has a perfect infusion of spices cooked on fire in a barbeque style. Bihari Kabab recipe is a delicious Barbeque dish prepared with beef mince, coriander powder, red pepper, garam masala, onions, yogurt, mustard oil, salt and papaya. Warm and scrumptious Bihari Kabab recipe can be prepared at home and served with Raita and Paratha. It can be a perfect dish to your Eid barbeque party with family and friends.