Bbq Fish Recipe by Zubaida Tariq

Submited by Lubaba from Hyderabad


Pomfret  4 pieces
Lemon 4
Turmeric 1 tsp
Black pepper crushed 1 tsp
Red chili crushed 1 tbsp
White cumin powder   1/2 tbsp
White vinegar  2 tbsp
Oil  as required
Salt   to taste


First wash pomfret with water and pour 2 tbsp vinegar on it and leave for 5 minutes. Then wash it again and add 4 lemons juice, salt to taste, 1 tsp turmeric , 1 tbsp red chili crushed and 1/2 tbsp roasted cumin powder and mix well. Heat oil in a grill pan and grill it. Now brush oil on the fish .
.when fish turns golden brown take it out and serve with chutney.

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Reviews on Bbq Fish Recipe by Zubaida Tariq

BBQ fish recipe it is very best recipe so tasty fish i am loving bbg fish
Eman - Lahore 1/24/2019 5:36:45 AM
BBQ chicken is a dish you can have any time you want. This recipe is very simple and very tasty, everyone will love it
Adeel - Karachi 10/8/2018 5:11:00 PM
This is the best dish chef of Zubeida Tariq and I know that I will be made very delicious bbq fish.thanks for sharing this recipe.
areeba abdani memon - larkana 3/22/2018 4:33:04 AM
My most extreme want is to wind up noticeably the best culinary specialist and that is the reason I adore attempting a wide range of nourishments. Thus I attempted this bbq. Fish recipe too. N it was so top notch.
Rania - Multan 2/12/2018 1:00:51 PM
For the better taste of the BBQ fish formulas I favor this formula to you in light of the fact that simply looked at this and it has the ever better taste. Thanks for the recipe.
Hamna - Hunza 1/31/2018 5:06:42 AM
I really like this delicious dish of bbq fish by Zubeida Tariq who I can make that usually at home with the help of this method
warnia - islamabad 1/22/2018 6:53:08 AM
This is the best chef dish of chef Zubeida Tariq and I know that I will be make very deliciously bbq fish when I make it at the next time
sameena - lahore 1/19/2018 10:55:19 AM
you can easily follow their recipes which has the most easiest method who you easily understand that recipes easily to make that at home
ashna - Karachi 12/21/2017 12:51:14 PM
BBQ recipe of the fish is now so on trend if you have a week end plan so this will be the best part of having your week end great and healthy
neelam - Karachi 12/12/2017 2:48:07 PM
This is the easiest recipe to make it bbq fish which I found that for an hour at the many sites and finally I found that at the online way
zara - Karachi 12/10/2017 10:14:20 AM

Bbq Fish Recipe by Zubaida Tariq

BBQ Fish recipe by Zubaida Tariq – BBQ Fish is a perfect treat for seafood lovers. It is a perfect fusion of sea food with Desi Barbeque flavor that blends well to bring out a unique dish. BBQ Fish recipe can be grilled stuffed whole fish, seafood skewers spiced with BBQ Masala. This BBQ Fish recipe by Zubaida Tariq is a special dish for those who love spicy seafood. This dish is a perfect main course dish full of nutritional value. It is a perfect treat of winter season. This BBQ Fish recipe by Zubaida Tariq can be ready in approximately 20 Minutes and good to serve around 2-3 People. Follow all the steps recommended by Chef to get a perfect dish.