Chapli Kabab Recipe

Submited by Afiya from Dera Ghazi Khan


Beef mince½ kg
Green chilies5
Coriander leaves¼ bunch
White butter2 tbsp
Gram flour3 tbsp
Crushed coriander seeds2 tbsp
Pomegranate seeds2 tbsp
Crushed red pepper2 tbsp
Turmeric powder1 tbsp
All spice powder1 tbsp
Saltto taste
Oil½ liter


In a bowl mix together ½ kg mince, 3 tbsp gram flour, 2 tbsp crushed coriander, 2 tbsp pomegranate seeds, 2 tbsp crushed red pepper, 1 tbsp turmeric powder, 1 tbsp all spice powder and salt to taste.
Finely chop 2 tomatoes, 1 onion, 5 green chilies and ¼ bunch of coriander leaves. Add chopped vegetables to the mince mixture.
Then add 1 egg and 2 tbsp butter. Mix very well.
Form large patties with the mince mixture. Then fry in a large griddle until golden brown.

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Reviews on Chapli Kabab Recipe

This chapli kabab recipe by chef zakir is looking so nice that having here with the lots of ingredients and the delicious spicy taste for us
danish - groningen 3/6/2019 12:05:40 PM
First of all i told u that I am very big Shadai of kabab. I have tried your recipes many times in different functions. Every guest appreciate my efforts.
bakhtawar - Sialkot 3/6/2019 5:05:28 AM
Chapli kabab recipe it is very nice made it is my favorite chapli recipe
Sana - Lahore 1/25/2019 4:17:51 AM
"I think it’s a good way to make healthy and delicious, Chapli Kabab is delicious recipe in the home is the best experience for me Its really easy to cook this home made chapli kabab I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy and my mother eat and was also like it"
Saida - gujrat 9/22/2018 3:52:35 AM
I think it’s a good way to make healthy and delicious, both at the same time, for my children. I will surely try and will let you know about the taste of chapli kabab later.
rania - Lahore 8/26/2018 5:57:48 AM
What if I don't add pomegranate seeds than the taste of this dish will same or it will just like plain.
Bakhtawar - Attock 7/31/2018 1:15:04 PM
I prepared these chapli kabab for my college going princess. And then I gave them in her lunch box. It’s a request for you to share more recipes for the lunch box that can easily be made within short interval of time.
Hamida - Gujrat 7/22/2018 1:35:13 PM
Make the Chapli Kabab with the great recipes what we exactly want and this is really good to see this kind of recipes with the updated ingredients
Faiza - Lahore 7/21/2018 6:10:53 AM
I use to try a lot of recipes just for the experience, so that if I try them after marriage I don’t get panic. Lol, I am not a food lover and I don’t really like trying these dishes but eating them.
Jahangir - Karachi 7/18/2018 2:53:14 PM
You can prepare this delicious recipe of Chapli Kabab Recipe at home by following the method as it is, in case you don’t know how to make it.
Kainat - Karachi 7/17/2018 10:01:01 PM

Chapli Kabab Recipe

Chapli Kabab recipe by Chef Zakir – Chapli Kabab is minced meat made in a patty shape. It is prepared from ground mutton and beef marinated with various spices. This dish originates from Peshawar and is therefore also referred as Peshawari kebab. The Chapli kebab recipe is a popular barbecue food that is available in all the leading restaurants and food streets of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and all over Pakistan. Chapli Kebab recipe can be served with Afghani Naan, boiled rice, Pulao, or green chili chutney. You can prepare Chapli Bun Kebab and serve it as refreshment snack or as a full meal. It has high nutritional value and can be given to children as well. Chapli Kebab recipe can surely grace your dining table on special occasions like Eid ul Adha.