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Chef Shai

Chef Shai – A professional and dedicated chef of Pakistan, Shai is an owner of charming personality. Describing her as a good Chef would be an understatement as she deserves a lot more credit than she has now. Chef Shai is highly skilled and knows diverse cooking techniques, and a cooking that combines each of the special flavors that can transform into an amazing recipe with striking presentation. Watching Chef Shai can literally help a beginner to set a dining table with food.
Chef Shai is an expertise in Middle-eastern, Italian, French, Asian, Mediterranean, American, Indian and Pakistani cuisine. After her graduation from the ICE (institute of Culinary Education) in New York City she started working for leading restaurants of New York City. Many of her notable work include Rock Centre Café at the Rockefeller Centre owned by a major restaurant management of United States names Restaurant Associates. There she cooked for top celebrities, tourists and head of State including President Bill Clinton. She has done more praiseworthy work for top leading international food chains California Pizza Kitchen. She splits her time in both New York City and Karachi treating both her homes with equality.
The massive respond from her native place came in the year 2005 when she was offered a live cooking show in a leading program on Geo TV “Nadia Khan Show”. She did not fail to connect with the audience with her exceptional cooking style and striking presentation which roused her to popularity. She has also hosted a live show on Pakistan TV called “Sunday Lounge”. Checkout Ramadan Special 2015 recipes.

Favorite Hobby:Music
Education:Master's in Botany
Career:United States

Chef Shai Recipes
ڈبل ڈیکر سینڈوچ
آلو کی ورقیاں
لوکی دال
انناس اور مرغی کے کباب
دعوت بہار پیزا
چکن اچار بن کباب
آلو کی ورکیاں
اسپرنگ ڈوسا
اسپیگھیٹی ود فش بالز
بیف چلی
قیمہ کلیجی
Special Kabab
اسپگھیٹی مچھلی کے کوفتے
کھجوراور دال کا حلوہ
Bharey Hoey Kabab
موکا ٹرفلز
پوٹیٹو پائے
Kerala Fish Curry
مٹر مچھلی کوفتے
Bhuna Chicken With Liver Toast By Chef Shai
انار کی چٹنی
Mutton Kabab With Hari Chatni By Chef Shai
چکن ملائی تکہ
مزیدار چیز کیک
سبزی بھاجی
چوکور لیمن کیک
تندوری دم گوبھی
مشروم مصالحہ
تیکھا مرغی ٹماٹر پالک کیش
کشمیری متنجن
چوکلیٹ ٹرائفل
دھابہ چکن
وہائٹ چوکلیٹ فرنی
اسٹفڈ چکن مصالحہ
اسپائسی گریک مٹن ییرو
گڑ کے چاول
ہرے سیخ کباب
زنگر برگر
بابی کیو گرلڈ ڈرم اسٹکس
مینی ایپل اسٹرابری پائے
چکن کوکونٹ سوپ
چاول کی روٹی
مصالحے اور دار مرچ دال
مسسی سپی مد پائے
تخم بالنگا جیلی کریم
لیموں والی تندوری مرغی
لہسن مرغ
ماش کی دال
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چکن ملائی تکہ
Waniya - Karachi 7/7/2015 4:48:22 AM
Chicken Malai Tikka is a amazing dish I make it in my home and I would suggest that ypu guys also try this one in home.

چکن ملائی تکہ
Laiba - Karachi 6/19/2015 5:15:38 AM
I tried this Malai tikka recipe on the weekend for my family and trust me it was simply outstanding. What a taste and aroma this recipe has. I recommend it to all. Must try

چکن ملائی تکہ
sabeen - khi 6/15/2015 6:40:06 AM
The main thing which I like in the recipe of malai tikka is that there is not much spicy ingredients which make it spicy, I don’t like much spicy dishes.

چکن ملائی تکہ
Hira - Karachi 6/10/2015 12:40:36 PM
After a long duration I can say that I become a perfect chef specially for the bar b q items because last time I made a malai tikka very tasty.

چکن ملائی تکہ
Nabhan - Karachi 6/4/2015 11:36:41 PM
I like Cheicken Malai Tikka is yummy especially the aroma of Cheicken Malai Tikka while cooking is great.

چکن ملائی تکہ
Fizza - Islamabad 6/2/2015 6:26:59 AM
this is the simplest recipe of Chicken Malai Tikka and I hope that You guys will surely try this dish in home.

چکن ملائی تکہ
Rahim - Lahore 5/26/2015 7:26:52 AM
Chicken Malai Tikka is a tasty dish my mom made it at every weekend on my wish !

چکن ملائی تکہ
Danish - Karachi 5/22/2015 12:59:19 AM
My mom is fond of Chicken Malai Boti ans she like such place where she can eat such BBQ dishes.

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mariam - pakistan 4/29/2015 4:52:19 PM

چکن ملائی تکہ
Kiran - Karachi 4/23/2015 4:18:51 AM
Chicken malai tikka is a very tasty dish, this is the dish which I usually eat in the bar b q restaurant but this time I will try to make.