Daal Chawal Recipe

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Submited by Asif Khan from karachi


Ingredients for Dal Chawal (Rice) Recipe :

For Dal :
1 cup Split Red Masoor dal (split red lentils)
1 large onion, finely chopped
2 tomatoes
1 green chillies, chopped
1 t-spoon garlic, finely chopped (lahsun)
1 t-spoon minced ginger (Adrak)
2 table-spoon oil
salt to taste
3 cup water

Herbs and spices (for Dal) :
1/2 t-spoon turmeric powdered (haldi)
1/2 t-spoon cumin seeds (Jeera)
1/2 t-spoon Coriander Powder (Dhania powder)
1/2 t-spoon Mustard seeds (Rai)

For Chawal (Rice) :
1 cup Rice (Normal or Basmati)
2 cups water
a pinch of salt


Easy Steps for Daal Chawal Recipe

For Dal:

1. Wash Masoor dal 3-4 times with water and soak for 15 minutes.
2. Pressure cook dal with 3 cup water,turmeric and pinch of salt over medium-high heat for about 15 mins. or until it gets tender.
3. Heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat.
4. Splutter cumin seeds, Mustard and chopped green chillies, stir it for 15-30 secs.
5. Then add onion, garlic, ginger, and cook for about 3-4 mins. stirring frequently.
6. Add, chopped tomatoes to the pan and cook further on medium flame for 2-3 mins.
7. Now, add cooked Masoor dal mixture and Coriander powder to the large frying pan and turn the heat to low, stir it well, cover the pan and cook further for 10 mins.
8. or until the dal gets soften and gets little dissolved in a mixture.

For Chawal (Rice) :
1. Wash rice 3-4 times with water.
2. Combine it with water and a pinch of salt in a pressure cooker and cook for about 8-10 mins.
3. Over medium-high flame.
4. Serve bhat (rice) in a plate and pour hot dal on it.
5. Try some Indian pickle along with it.

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Reviews on Daal Chawal Recipe

Spicy, delicious if prepared carefully, with Chaawal it can be heavenly. It is a healthy breakfast. Enjoy it with this healthy recipe and devour your taste buds.
jannat - omaan 3/17/2017 11:23:50 PM
Daal Chawal with a dollop of hot "Desi Ghee" that begins to melt after landing on the plate spreading its yellow amber liquid and drenching the rice. 
iqra - wazeerabad 3/15/2017 10:54:36 PM
I think there is not a single Pakistani that doesn’t like Daal chawal. Eid is over and we had a lot of spicy food so we can have our very own traditional daal chawal.
manan - gazi chak 3/11/2017 12:08:51 AM
buhat achi recipy hay
inzemam ul haq - peshawar 1/13/2015 11:59:51 PM
dal chawel is one of my all time favorite food..i eat this even when i am at office i orded this all my colleges says if u want to eat something from restaurant why you order dal chawal ..my wife really cook awesome will share her pakistani dal chawal recipe
shazi - karachi 12/22/2013 11:11:02 PM
Buhat achee recipeee haii. <3 <3
Mahen - Multan 12/17/2013 8:03:14 AM