Falsa Sharbat

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Submited by Momina Mehreen from Hydrabad
As Desired PERSON


1 kg Phalsa
2 cups Sugar
4 cups Water
1 tsp Black salt


Make 2 cups sugar syrup with 2 cup sugar and 2 cups water till thick, remove and keep aside, soak phalsy in 4 cups of water for 4 hours, now blend 2 or 3 times, then pass it through a fine sieve, discard the seeds, mix the juice and sugar syrup well.

Serve chilled with ice cubes and black salt.


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Reviews on Falsa Sharbat

This falsa sharbat is so nice drink that has the easy method to make it at home with every step by step by the following this method
hasham - islamabad 6/2/2018 12:09:17 PM
Falsa Ka Sharabat is really good for health and can fair your color with the very good taste and also improve the skin dark spots in the short time
Hania - Karachi 5/28/2018 12:01:35 PM
I just made the Falsa SHrabat by the help of this amazing recipe which allow me to make the Sharbat with the very good taste and helps me to get real freshness
Salma - Karachi 5/20/2018 6:41:59 AM
This is looking so delicious of falsa sharbat that makes with the some steps and easy recipe with the some salt and more little things
roshni - Karachi 5/17/2018 5:11:05 PM
i am amazed that this is the recipe of sharbat that someone doesn't know, i think it is the simplest recipe i have ever seen.
Lateef m - Rawalpindi 5/15/2018 8:10:25 AM
Falsa Sharbat recipe is available in this website so people who want to get the new recipes can easily take it from this website
Jaleed - Peshawar 5/14/2018 1:28:56 PM
Falsa Sharbat recipe is available in this website so people who want to get the new recipes can easily take it from this website
Khateeja - Sahiwal 5/13/2018 11:48:58 PM
The falsa sharbat is looking so easy and delicious that I can easily make that at home for mien child because they really like to take that
areesha - multan 5/11/2018 6:40:34 AM
Here we have the falsa sharbat whole recipe available who everyone can easily make that by this easy method for understanding easily
sonia - Panjab 5/2/2018 2:07:35 PM
This is exatly what I love. Falsa Sharbat, summer vacations and ramzaan. I always knew the recipe but to be honest your recipe is the easy one. My mother’s recipe is way to difficult but tasty.
Naheed - Attock 4/30/2018 2:34:30 PM