Gajar Ka Halwa

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Carrots (grated): 1kg
Sugar: 1cup
Milk Powder: 2cups
Small cardamom: 3-4
Banaspati: 1/2 cup


1) Spread carrots in a frying pan and steam them on medium heat for 5-6 minutes so that the water in the carrots dries.
2) In a wok, slighlty heat the banaspati and add caradmom. When it pops, add sugar and stir for 3-4 minutes. When the Sugar starts to melt, add carrots and stir well until water in the sugar dries.
3) Add milk powder a little at a time and stir will on a slightly high flame until banaspati seprates. Remove from heat and spread the halwa on a tray
4) Garnish and serve hot


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Reviews on Gajar Ka Halwa

This traditional Indian dessert is known either as carrot pudding or gajar ka halwa. It is a delicious dessert favourite and makes the perfect end to a party.
najma - abu dhabi 4/11/2017 1:02:32 AM
I ate this really delicious Gajar Ka Halwa at my in sister in laws’ house last weekend. She told me that she made it from your recipe online page and that is something totally amazing.
Aabish - Lahore 3/28/2017 2:00:14 AM
this halwa is specially prepared in winters wedding dinner with nuts and solid milk and some people add egg to enhance the taste.
kalsoom - england 3/25/2017 1:00:33 AM
Gajar ka halwa also known as gajrela is a sweet dessert pudding, Gajar ka halwa is a very delicious Indian dessert usually prepared with grated carrot, sugar, dry nuts and mawa
naveed - canda 3/11/2017 12:53:25 AM
Boil the grated carrots with condensed milk till it becomes dry.Add ghee and stir continuously till ghee leavbes the sides of the pan.
maria - washington 2/24/2017 10:02:22 PM
delicious recipe, i love to eat it. i try this recipe with seasonal fresh carrot and everyone loves it. I severed gajar ka halwa recipe with khoya, kishmish and badam topping
Bisma Iqbal - Islamabad 2/23/2017 6:45:59 AM
Carrot Halwa is a specialty of winters that is why we are here with another recipe of Gajjar ka halwa that is delicious
muaaz - kashmir 2/8/2017 9:57:26 PM
This gajar ka halwa is looking very delicious on this page and I want to eat it so I will make this gajar ka halwa at night
samra - lahore 2/1/2017 11:06:07 AM
Good in taste as i expected from you, tried many dishes from here and these were cooked very well , satisfied with this method.. i checked your page on daily basis about health & beauty tips and for daily menu.
lubna - kashmir 1/31/2017 6:23:02 AM
This is my mother's dish that is loved by all. It is an easy and tasty recipe .i suggest all of you that must try it.
chanda - beijing 1/23/2017 1:52:05 AM

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa – The most delicious delight of winter season is Gajar ka Halwa. It is prepared in a traditional method using milk powder, carrots, sugar, Banaspati ghee, and nuts that gives it a unique taste and aroma. Enjoy the delicious of Gajar Ka Halwa recipes at

Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe

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