Kashmiri Chaye Recipe by Shireen Anwar

Submited by Ghsiqa from Karachi
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15 Minutes
15 Minutes


Water2 cups
Soda a pinch
Fresh milk1 liter
Chilled water2 cups
Green cardamom4
Sliced Almond & Pistachioas required
Sugaras required
Kashmiri tea leaves2 tsp
Salt¼ tsp


Cook 2 cups of water with ¼ tsp salt and 4 green cardamoms till start boiling. Add 2 tsp Kashmiri tea leaves and cook for 5 minutes. Now add a pinch of soda with 2 cups of chilled water. Keep pouring from one pan to another till pink color comes out. Now strain the tea, add 1 liter fresh milk. Again cook with sugar, sliced almond and pistachio as required. Cook for 5 minutes and remove.


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Reviews on Kashmiri Chaye Recipe by Shireen Anwar

My younger son always likes to have Kashmiri chaye. So I made it for him and he was so happy that his mother has prepared his favorite tea. I am grateful to you for sharing the wonderful Kashmiri chaye recipe.
arisha - kch 11/16/2017 12:29:18 PM
Take out the new recipe of the Kashmiri Tea by the Chef Shireen Anwar who has the amazing recipes of making the best Tea experience for the Tea lovers
Anas - karachi 11/10/2017 2:00:02 PM
Making the Kashmiri is one of the good thing In this page and this is really good for us because it has the amazing method that we can easily copy rom this webpage
Fabiha - Karachi 11/9/2017 4:21:50 PM
This Kashmiri pulao by Shireen Anwar looking very sweet in this photo who gentle me to make it that’s why I noted this recipe from this page which I will make it at home
noreen - islamabad 11/8/2017 2:21:37 PM
Looking very tasty Kashmiri chaye by the Shireen Anwar which I easily make that at home because there has the most easiest method I easily make that
meesha - islamabad 11/8/2017 2:21:06 PM
Make the Kashmiri CHaye with the best Chef who has the great recipes for every season you have I am the old follower of here and it is really good to be
Arshad - Karachi 11/8/2017 4:59:08 AM
Making the Kashmiri Chai with the help of his website recipes is very easy now and it has the same taste same color what I have seen on any restaurant
Samra - Karachi 11/3/2017 5:40:58 PM
I enjoyed this Kahimiri chaye a lot. I tried it and I was too happy to know that they are literally irresistible in taste. I am very happy to give my comment over here as it was extremely good.
Akaisha - Lahore 11/2/2017 12:02:27 PM
Kashmiri Chaye is the best way to remove your stress and tension when you don’t have more time make complex foods. I followed this recipe, they were even tastier than my expectations.
Fareeha - khi 10/2/2017 7:30:37 AM
Many times I take Kashmiri chai at the restaurants, but I never made it by myself. On this page, I get a good recipe of this tea which I am noting to try just two cups first.
qurat - khi 4/25/2017 7:54:44 AM

Kashmiri Chaye Recipe by Shireen Anwar

Kashmiri Chaye recipe by Shireen Anwar. This delightful Latest recipe of Kashmiri Chaye can be ready in approximately 30 Minutes and good to serve around 2-4 People. Follow all the steps recommended by Chef to get a perfect dish.