Prawn Sambol

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Submited by Asma from karachi

1) Prawns 1 lb
• 2) Coconut 1/2
• 3) Drumstick leaves or spinach 1 large bunch
• 4) Onion 2
• 5) Salt to taste
• 6) Oil or ghee
• 7) Grind to a paste:
• 8) Green chilies 3
• 9) Cloves of garlic 4 or 6
• 10) Cumin seeds 1 tsp
• 11) Turmeric 1 large piece (or 1 tsp turmeric powder)

1. Boil the shelled prawns in a little water.
2. If the prawns are large, chop them after they are cooked.
3. Mix the prawns, masala paste, coarsely ground coconut and salt to taste.
4. Slice the onions and brown in a little oil or ghee.
5. Then put in the chopped drumstick leaves and the prawn mixture.
6. Fry till the mixture is done, then add 1/2 pint water and simmer till the fish and vegetable are tender and there is very little gravy left.
7. Serve hot with boiled rice.


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Prawn Sambol Recipe

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