Death penalty

(Sadaf fatmi, Karachi)

Death penalty also known as capital punishment or ececution, it is the sentence of death by court as punishment for a crime. People who recieve the death penalty typically are convicted of murders and similar capital crimes. About one third of the countries in the world have law that allow death penalty.

I personally agree with the capital punishment as it creates a sense of fear in the minds of the criminals or she/he will think twice before comitting a crime. It also makes the family of the victim get justice and they will be satisfied with the decision.

Death penalty should only be imposed for the most serious crime and never upon those who are under 18 years of age at the time of their crime cause its inhuman act and most of the countries are agreed on this rule.

Capital punishment varies from country to country, place to place. In religion, being a muslim, has to follow the islamic shariah which includes capital punishment to the criminal or not. But only for very serious crimes, such as rape and murder.

Now let's talk about the methods of execution. There are many methods of execution used around the world including hanging, shooting, lethal injection and electrocution, but its impossible to guarantee that any form of execution will be quick and painless. From a technical point of view its impossible to make execution quick and as painless as possible, if the staff of jail is trained. Each method comes with its own set of rules. Electrocution and shooting etc are very inhuman anf cruel methods in my point of view cause it give much pain to victim as electrocution can burn the body flesh. Well hanging is the best option if done right, hanging should be quick so the person dies instantly.

In the end, I just want to say that government should have takr the responsibility to control crime rates and to set law and order in the country to avoid such criminal activities so no one will commit crime anx will not face death penalty.

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