Idea of Change

(ABDUL REHMAN, Islamabad)

The idea of change. I want to share with you something about the idea of changing our self, changing our country etc. Everybody wants a change but it’s very easy to complaint about change. Everybody is saying that look, how bad the things are, how bad our country is, how corrupt governments we have. It’s like an entertainment session for our people sitting together at some gathering and discuss ideas and things about change. Especially those sitting in the government offices, having tea biscuit party all the day and doing nothing. They are talking about all the problems in the country and nothing will change. Everybody is complaining and we are become really good at complaining. Our past time is become just a complaint. First of all change is not in our hand, it’s in the Allah hand. People just have to make the change inside of themselves.
How we can bring change inside of ourselves?
The real battle we all of us have is against our own self. Your worst enemy is your best friend like yourself. No one knows you better than yourself. If there is someone that knows all of your weaknesses all of your good things, all the bad habits you have, the one that are known to others and the one that are not known to others. If someone that knows all those things is just you. And we all have to learn to be hard on our self. We all have to constantly look into mirrors. As per saying of our famous poet Iqbal
Apne man mein doob kar pa ja suragh e zindagi
Tu agar mera nahi banta, na ban apna to ban
We have to be honest to our self. What is wrong with Me.? What are my shortcomings? What are those 5 or 6 things or may be more, that I should work and change it within me. And believe me if we start focus on ourselves and change ourselves from within, every day we will see a positive change around ourselves. Eventually it will bring change in our society and at large our country will change. So start look into yourself from today and try to change yourself from within. May Allah guide us to the right path in life.

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