Man with disability from Mardan developed a car covering 25km per litre

(Musarrat Ullah Jan, Peshawar)

MARDAN: Mostly, we consider the special persons comparatively less intelligent and brilliant than normal, but contradictory to it, they are more intellectual and contributing more than our expectation to the society.

Shahid Ali, hailing from Takhtbhai area of Mardan district, has designed a special car which can cover 25 kilometers in one litre fuel. “I don’t even know how to drive a car but it was my wish to make my own vehicle,” he replied to a question when asked what was the reason that motivate him to develop a car.
Mr. Ali is basically a mechanic of Refrigerator and run his own shop at Takkar Road of Takhtbhai for last eighteen years.

Last year in November Shahid Ali along with his friends started work on his idea of developing a car. He bought a 150 cc Rickshaw in scrap and start working to make a new model vehicle. He took 80 days to develop this car. The car is carrying three persons including a driver.

According to Shahid Ali he adjusts motor cycle tires in vehicle and machine used of scrap Rickshaw. Shahid Ali said that he bought local made body which id 18 Gage, and his friend cut the body and we make vehicle in 80 days.

Shahid Ali has no information how to create vehicle but he creates a new model vehicle in KP Province, the cost of the vehicle is 120000, Rupees Pakistani. That equal more than 1300 dollars in international market.

Islam Gul is friend of Shahid Ali, who is also a mechanic in local market, cut the vehicle body in his shop, he said that it’s hard to cut the pieces and then create as vehicle. Shahid Ali daily give my instruction and with the help of Shahid I cut the pieces of the sheet, these sheet used for trunks and box in our area.

He said we used 18 Gage sheet for car body and 14 Gage for vehicle frame, now vehicle is on road and people from all over came to see the vehicle.

The vehicle which made in local market of Takhtbhai , speed of the vehicle is 100 Kilometers in per hour.

According to Shahid Ali, I am interested to register the vehicle with excise department of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa province, although I have all Document of the Scrap Rickshaw.

Shahid Ali education is Metric, Grade 10, and working since 1999 as Refrigerator Mechanic. Shahid Ali urged the special persons to use their ability / Qualities for the betterment of the society

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