Narrative of Pakistan production Industries

(Rehan khan, Karachi)

Ideas are different according to my idea or according to my point of view there are three phase of Pakistani Media first the era of 19s era which give the identity of Pakistani media in word but that film or dramas is actually base on our pure culture and under the shade of our culture in every drama’s of Pakistan were completely written in our national language “URDU” on other hand in old drama their dressing were total show the culture of Pakistan that think give popularity of Pakistani culture in world.

The second phase of Pakistan industries downfall because of the Government of Pakistan the ruler Zia-Ul- Haq banned the production industries of Pakistan therefore Pashto and Punjabi film took place.

In third phase Indian drama took place this era completely changed the society of Pakistan everything were adopting by Indian culture after that our language completely changed our mother language change into English and Indian language due to this our dressing automatically changed which completely effect on our society we also adopting western culture now we see that our drama language is mostly English.


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